What does a wide open throttle WOT switch do?

What does a wide open throttle WOT switch do?

The NX Wide Open Throttle (WOT) Switch allows the nitrous system to only operate if the throttle is at or near fully open. This reduces the change of engine damage and accidental engagement. This kit allows you to wire into your stock Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) to allow nitrous at full throttle only.

What is an NOS switch?

Show Product Info. NOS has a variety of switches for many applications, including activating fuel pump solenoids, nitrous,ect.;including toggle,momentary push button, micro, and safety switches both pre-set or adjustable for fuel pressure. They will activate most anything else you need to control.

Is it bad to wide open throttle?

Anyways, basically when you go wide open throttle in top gear you are putting your whole engine and transmission at a disadvantage in terms of acceleration because your gearing in higer gears will be something like .

What RPM is wide open throttle?

Typically this is 50–100 rpm above the WOT. Before carrying out a WOT test, while the engine is in neutral, advance the throttle to its maximum setting for a few seconds to determine the governed rpm.

What is NO and NC switch?

A classic switch has one input and one output. It can be NO (normally open) or NC (normally closed). A NC/NO switch has one input and two outputs and consequently 2 possible actions.

Why fully open the throttle valve?

In an internal combustion engine, this state entails the maximum intake of air and fuel that occurs when the throttle plates inside the carburetor or throttle body are “wide open” (fully opened up), providing the least resistance to the incoming air.

Can you run an outboard wide open?

Does this mean an engine should never run at wide-open throttle (WOT)? Absolutely not. Modern engines are designed to handle WOT. Also, during break-in going to WOT, as prescribed by the owner’s manual, is necessary to properly seat the pistons’ rings.

Will raising outboard increase RPM?

Will Raising My Outboard Increase Rpm? Every engine can be raised to maximize speed, rather than having too little pressure applied to the engine. With too much moisture in your room, the top speed will drop, but the top RPM will increase as it is exposed to more slip, with less ventilated room.

What is a DIP switch?

A DIP switch is a dual in-line package switch, meaning that it consists of a series of switches in a single unit. It is an electromechanical device requiring a user to manually move the actuator so that a different electronic circuit is activated or deactivated.