What do you put in a gratitude jar?

What do you put in a gratitude jar?

A gratitude jar is a fun way to create a visual reminder of all the blessings in our lives. Essentially, it’s is a place to record and store everything you’re thankful for. Whether it’s a person, a kind act or a positive detail in your everyday life, write it down on a slip of paper and stick it in your gratitude jar.

What is a gratitude jar?

A gratitude jar is a fun Thanksgiving tradition you can start with the whole family. The idea behind a gratitude jar is to write down something you’re grateful for on a piece of paper (or gratitude card available in our free printable) and place it in the jar.

What is a happiness jar?

What is a Happiness Jar? Put simply, a happiness jar is a glass jar in which you deposit a daily note of gratitude. On a piece of paper, write one good thing that has happened that day for which you are grateful, fold it or roll it up, and pop it into the jar.

What should I put on my gratitude list?

Big Things to be Grateful For

  • Your home. There’s no place like home.
  • Your parents. They gave you life and a way to see the world.
  • Your friends. Friends that feel like family can’t be beat.
  • Your kid(s). If you have them, you know they bring incredible joy to life.
  • Your relationship.
  • Your pet.
  • Your health.
  • Sight.

What is a gratitude box?

Gratitude Jar or Box: Cut out strips of paper and write one thing you are grateful for on a slip of paper and put it in your container each day. At the end of the month the box will be filled, and you could even scatter them on the table as a centerpiece.

What are some examples of gratitude?

Examples Of Gratitude

  • Being thankful to the person who cooked for you.
  • Being thankful for your good health.
  • Appreciating the person who cleans your house.
  • Acknowledging your junior at work for taking the initiative to ease your workload.
  • Being grateful to yourself for your financial independence.

What are gratitude jars kids?

Gratitude jars provide a simple way to cultivate the habit of being mindful of the good things in your life. Each day or week, you write down one thing for which you’re grateful and put it into the jar where they collect as a reminder of the good things in your world.

What is a memory jar?

A memory jar is where you can keep happy memories in a safe place. Some people make one to remember all the things they’ve done in a year. Many others find it a useful way to help them deal with the loss of a loved one by writing down memories of them.

What is a wish jar?

You are never given a Wish without the power to make it come true. Use this jar to capture all that all that you wish for. Then imagine, believe and achieve your dreams! Each set includes a beautiful hand crafted glass jar with wooden lid. Packaged with 200 gold foil Wish Cards.