What do you mean by advanced?

What do you mean by advanced?

1 : far on in time or course a man advanced in years. 2a : being beyond others in progress or ideas tastes a bit too advanced for the times. b : being beyond the elementary or introductory advanced chemistry. c : greatly developed beyond an initial stage the most advanced scientific methods advanced weapons systems.

What is advanced and example?

The definition of advanced means to have moved forward. An example of advanced is a team who moved from fifth to first place. Advanced is defined as ahead, forward or further along. A 10 year old who is in high school is an example of someone who is advanced.

What are some words for advanced?

synonyms for advanced

  • leading.
  • progressive.
  • state-of-the-art.
  • forward.
  • avant-garde.
  • breakthrough.
  • cutting-edge.
  • excellent.

How do you use advance?

Advance sentence example

  1. Consider it an advance until you get the package.
  2. I gave you advance warning.
  3. In many respects he was far in advance of his age.
  4. They were under orders to advance next day.
  5. There’s no advance notice except the general area.
  6. He must stay the victorious advance of the Turks.

What is the difference between advance and advance?

Advance means bring forwards or made to go on by promoting or accelerating the the growth or progress of something or an option. “The top two challengers advance to the next round.” Advanced is the past tense of the word, advance.

What is the meaning of advanced class?

advanced class/course US a school class that is doing work of a higher standard than is usual for students at that stage in their education. More examples.

How do you use advance in a sentence?

Advanced sentence example

  1. We had no advanced warning that this was going to happen.
  2. The answer was mix of advanced medicine and magic.
  3. We’ve been trying to help put her through a good school for her advanced degree, so she can start working some place and make decent money.

Is Tamil a name?

Tamil is the name for a person of a Dravidian culture group that is located primarily in Southern India and northeastern Sri Lanka. Tamil is also the name of the language spoken by Tamils.

How many advanced words are in English?

Advanced: 4,000-10,000 words.

What is a word for not advanced?

What is another word for not far advanced?

young juvenile
teenaged undeveloped
boyish budding
childlike girlish
babyish inexperienced