What did Voltron say?

What did Voltron say?

The story behind the quote: For anyone who lived their childhood in the early 80’s, this shouldn’t need any introduction. Voltron is one of the most popular robot cartoons ever created.

How many versions of Voltron are there?

Comics Voltron Voltron: Legendary Defender
Films and television
Animated series Voltron (1984–1985) Voltron: The Third Dimension (1998–2000) Voltron Force (2011–2012) Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016–2018)
Television special(s) Voltron: Fleet of Doom (1986)

Is there a movie for Voltron?

Voltron: Legendary Defender: Forevermore is an upcoming 2022 movie produced by DreamWorks Animation and World Events Productions. It’s follows the adventures of the Paladins of Voltron who must learn to work together to form the giant robot Voltron and use it to defeat the evil Galra Empire.

Is Voltron an anime in 1984?

Voltron (TV series)

Lion Force Voltron (Based on Beast King GoLion)
Original run Part I: September 10, 1984 – November 27, 1984 Part II: October 21, 1985 – November 18, 1985
Episodes 72
Anime television series
Vehicle Team Voltron (Based on Armored Fleet Dairugger XV)

Is Voltron a Power Ranger?

Though Voltron is older in American audiences’ minds than Power Rangers (which debuted in 1993), the Japanese series the Power Rangers is based on, Super Sentai, actually predates the original cartoon Voltron is based on, Beast King GoLion, which premiered in Japan in 1981.

What is the meaning of Voltron?

Noun. Voltron (plural Voltrons) (informal) A group of things that are more powerful when combined. quotations ▼ (collectible card games) A deck with a strategy of casting a single, powerful card.

Is Voltron an LGBT show?

Voltron: Legendary Defender has been a favourite of the LGBTQ+ community since its premiere in 2016. Voltron was not only created by The Legend of Korra producers, but also hinted at gay romance since season one.

Is pidge a girl?

If you didn’t read the roster of voice actors, you wouldn’t have known the short, tech-savvy Paladin of the Green Lion, Pidge (voiced by Bex Taylor-Klaus), was a girl. Her looks, voice, and general appearance gave the presumption of a boy, an identity she had to assume as a means of finding her family.

Is pidge a girl or boy?

Male Female
Pidge (Voltron)

Nickname Pidge
Species Baltan Human (Legendary Defender)
Gender Male Female (Legendary Defender)
Occupation Paladin of Voltron

Can the Megazord beat Voltron?

The Megazord headbutts Voltron out of the clash, but Voltron gets the upper hand with sword slashes thanks to its overwhelming speed. After multiple sword swings, the Megazord slashes at Voltron multiple times and manages to disarm the main weapon of the Paladins.

Which came first Transformers or Voltron?

Voltron was the first, premiering in 1981 as Beast King Go Lion. Transformers Series 1 premiered in American syndication in 1984 after the release of the toy line. They’ve both continued in one form or another between the late-20th and early-21st centuries.

Who married Keith Voltron?

Keith Kogane became a fugitive by the Galaxy Alliance after Voltron was decommissioned. He eventually retires as Black Paladin to marry Allura and become her king consort.