What did Judy Baca Great wall of La depict?

What did Judy Baca Great wall of La depict?

The Great Wall of Los Angeles depicts the history of California “as seen through the eyes of women and minorities” in many connected panels.

When did Judy Baca start creating the Great Wall of Los Angeles?

The Great Wall Explained Baca. Begun in 1974 and completed over five summers, the Great Wall employed over 400 youth and their families from diverse social and economic backgrounds working with artists, oral historians, ethnologists, scholars, and hundreds of community members.

What is Judy Baca most famous for?

Judy Baca is the founder/artistic director of SPARC: Social & Public Art Resource Center in Los Angeles. Best known for her large-scale public organizing murals, her art involves extensive community dialogues and participation. Baca founded the first City of Los Angeles mural program in 1974 and founded SPARC in 1976.

What is depicted in the Great Wall of Los Angeles?

The Great Wall of Los Angeles (also known as The History of California) is a half-mile long mural depicting the history of California through images of significant figures and historic events from diverse and traditionally marginalized communities.

Why was the Great Wall of Los Angeles built?

The Great Wall Explained Its half-mile length (2,754 ft) in the Tujunga Flood Control Channel of the San Fernando Valley with accompanying park and bike trail hosts thousands of visitors every year, providing a vibrant and lasting tribute to the working people of California who have truly shaped its history.

What was the Chicano mural movement?

The Chicano murals movement encompasses the explosion of public art on the walls of buildings across the Southwest. It was the visual arts wing of the Chicano political movement, or El Movimiento, that took hold in the 1970s.

Where is Judy bacas family from?

Los Angeles
Baca was born in Los Angeles on September 20, 1946 to Mexican American parents. She was raised in Watts, Los Angeles which is a predominately Black and Latinx area. She lived in an all-female household composed of her mother, her aunts Riba and Delia, and her grandmother Francisca.

When and where was Judy Baca born?

September 20, 1946 (age 75 years), Huntington Park, CAJudy Baca / Born

What country is Judy Baca from?

AmericanJudy Baca / Nationality

What is Judith Baca doing now?

She continues to serve as its artistic director and focuses her creative energy in the UCLA@SPARC Digital/Mural Lab, employing digital technology to create social justice art.

Where does Judy Baca live now?

Judith Francisca Baca (born September 20, 1946) is an artist, activist, and professor of Chicano studies, world arts, and cultures based at the University of California, Los Angeles. She is the co-founder and artistic director of the Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC) in Venice, California.

Who made the Great Wall of Los Angeles?

Judy BacaThe Great Wall of Los Angeles / Artist

Who created the Great Wall of Los Angeles?

The Great Wall of Los Angeles was completed between 1974 and 1984 by teams of young people and artist supervisors. Chicana muralist Judith F. Baca, working with the Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC), was primarily responsible for the artistic vision and subject matter depicted in the mural.

What is the Great Wall of California?

SPARC’s first public art project and its true signature piece, the Great Wall is a landmark pictorial representation of the history of ethnic peoples of California from prehistoric times to the 1950’s, conceived by SPARC’S artistic director and founder Judith F. Baca.

What happened to the Great Wall of Los Angeles?

The Great Wall of Los Angeles was finished in 1984. Over time, the mural suffered environmental damage and required restoration. Between 1976 and 1983, the mural was flooded five times. Pollution and direct sun also eroded the art. It was estimated that it would cost over $400,000 to restore the Great Wall.

Who owns the copyright to the Great Wall of Los Angeles?

Baca and SPARC created the mural and own the copyright to it. The Great Wall of Los Angeles is one of the largest murals in the world, 13.5 feet high and 2,754 feet long, stretching over half a mile. The west wall of the channel functions as a canvas for the mural.