What class would Naruto be in D&D?

What class would Naruto be in D&D?

Naruto Uzumaki: Echo Knight Fighter.

How do you make Itachi in D&D?

The only realistic way to build Itachi in DnD would require more than the level 20 build cap. Itachi has the high level spells of a powerful Wizard, the slippery evasiveness of an experienced Rogue, and the composed discipline of a master Monk.

What is Naruto OC?

An OC is used when you can not use a canon character. When Kishi has failed you, you take his series by the balls and create your own person! Example I: Say you want Naruto to head out on a journey to Iwa.

Who is in the Fuma clan?

Members of the Fuma Clan: Sasame Fuma (Clan Head) Kotohime Fuma. Hanzaki Fuma.

How do I make a character like Itachi?

Rather than just standing there, consider striking an Itachi-like pose. This will help make you look even more like the character. Fighting stances are always great options, if you can hold them. Another option is to angle your body towards the camera slightly and mimic one of his hand seals.

How do you make Itachi?

So a good build of Itachi should focus on mobility. However, just as important is the rapidness of his attacks. The more he can attack, the better. Itachi is adept at fighting with shuriken (darts), kunai (daggers), and his short sword, all of which are finesse weapons.

Who is Kiyomi Uchiha?

Kiyomi Uchiha or better known as Kiyomi is a kunoichi belonging to the Uchiha clan, who was exiled at her birth and reincorporated in her childhood, sister of Itachi and twin of Sasuke. She is kunoichi (just like Sakura not medical ninja type).

Who is Mira Uchiha?

Mira Uchiha (みら うちは, Uchiha Mira) is a surviving member of the Uchiha-Clan. She escaped the Uchiha-massacre thanks to her mother. After that, she started to roam the country and took on various, shady jobs for a living. She does not affiliate herself with any villages.

Where is the hidden sound village?

This anime-only laboratory is located in the Demon Island of the Land of the Sea. It is an experimental laboratory with many transgenic creatures contained in test pillars.

What does a Fuma Shuriken do?

Fuma Shuriken has an attack power of 15 and can inflict Poison and Paralysis upon attacking. It can be bought for 28,000 gil on the 40F of the Mysterious Lighthouse.