What channel is TBN on Xfinity?

What channel is TBN on Xfinity?

Offering up to three hours of the best family-friendly programming on television, TBN is channel number 21 on Xfinity TV….What channel is TBN on Xfinity?

Channel Name Channel Number
TBN 21

What channel is TBN on directv?

channel 372
What channel is Trinity Broadcast Network HD on DIRECTV? Trinity Broadcast Network HD is on channel 372.

What channel is TBN on?

TBN, or the Trinity Broadcasting Network, was founded in 1973 and since then has been providing faith-based shows and films….TBN Channel Numbers on Spectrum.

State/City TBN
Los Angeles, CA 17
New York City, NY 98
Winsted, CT 69/822

How do I get TBN on my TV?

If you have an Android or Apple TV, you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Currently, a 4th generation Apple TV or higher is required to download the Watch TBN – Trinity Broadcasting Network Apple TV (tvOS) app.

What channel is TBN on Mediacom?

Business Limited Basic TV

1 Mediacom On Demand 20 WDPM-DT Daystar 95 ShopHQ
9 WMPV (TBN 21) Mobile 87 C-SPAN 2 115 WJTC-DT3 DABL
10 WALA (FOX 10) Mobile 88 C-SPAN 3 125 Heroes & Icons
11 WPMI (NBC 15) Mobile 89 INSP 132 QVC Plus
12 WAWD (IND Beach TV) Ft. Walton Beach 90 WEAR-DT2 TBD 133 Decades

What is playing on TBN right now?

Joyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life It’s Time For an Upgrade.

  • 6:30 AM. Andrew Wommack: The Gospel Truth God Wants You Well.
  • Dr. David Jeremiah Lord, It’s Me.
  • 7:30 AM. Joseph Prince Ministries Wisdom for Holy Living.
  • Robert Jeffress Paul’s Praise Chorus.
  • 8:30 AM.
  • Creflo Dollar Servanthood: The Pathway to Success, Part 2.
  • 9:30 AM.
  • How can I watch TBN on my TV?

    How do I watch on my smart TV?

    1. On your TV, open the internet browser and visit the site.
    2. Enter your email address, submit, and you will be emailed a link.
    3. On a separate device (i.e. another computer or mobile device), open your email inbox, open the login email, and click the LOGIN link.

    Is TBN still on TV?

    The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) is an international Christian-based broadcast television network and the world’s largest religious television network. TBN was headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, until March 3, 2017, when it sold its highly visible office park, Trinity Christian City.

    How can I download TBN?

    When viewing via a desktop browser, the download options are available below the player on the video’s page.

    1. When on the Browse or Product page , click into the video you want to download.
    2. Scroll down on the video page.
    3. Click the Video Downloads dropdown below the player.

    Is TBN still on the air?