What car is Francesco in cars?

What car is Francesco in cars?

Francesco Bernoulli is an Italian open-wheeled race car from Porto Corsa, Italy.

Who is Francesco Bernoulli girlfriend?

Honored, Francesco lets Mater pose with him, as Mater begins to mention about a huge fan of Francesco’s, who is McQueen’s girlfriend Sally. With glory, Francesco and McQueen propose a toast, declaring that whoever wins in the first race tomorrow will have their victory dedicated to Sally.

What kind of car is Francesco Bernoulli mom?

1961 Formula MB1
According to Meet the Cars, Mama Bernoulli is a 1961 Formula MB1.

What does Francesco say in Cars 2 Italian?

When the racers were lined up, he heard Lightning’s catchphrase “I am speed!” He decided to mock McQueen again by declaring, “Francesco is triple speed.” During the race, he fell behind to last place in the dirt section, but was able to catch up to 2nd place.

Who is the Italian car in cars?

Cars 2. “Guido, the little Italian forklift, is the backbone of Casa Della Tires. He’s Luigi’s assistant and best friend, and together they are the biggest Ferrari racing fans in Carburetor County.

Who was the Italian car in Cars 2?

Francesco Bernoulli
Cars 2. Cars 2 Turntable “Francesco Bernoulli” Francesco Bernoulli is a former rival of Lightning McQueen and grew up in the shadow of the famous Monza race course in Italy where he and his friends would sneak onto the track and race the famous Pista di Alta Velocita bank turn.

How much horsepower does Jackson Storm have?

850 horsepower
His Maximum Performance V-8 engine with 850 horsepower is responsible for his ability to reach 0-60 in 3.6 seconds, as well as his top speed of 214 miles per hour.

Is McQueen faster than Francesco?

Lightning Mcqueen is faster than Francesco. Francesco believed he was faster than Lightning, but in reality he wasn’t, and only won in the Tokyo race because Mcqueen made a mistake.

What kind of car is Doc Hudson?

blue 1951 Hudson Hornet
Doc Hudson is one of the main characters in Cars. He is a dark blue 1951 Hudson Hornet. He was both the doctor and judge of Radiator Springs. He was the crew chief of Lightning McQueen.

What kind of car is Dinoco King?

1970 Plymouth Superbird
Strip “The King” Weathers – 1970 Plymouth Superbird This “Dinoco-blue” veteran racecar ( a 1970 Plymouth Superbird) is voiced by none other than real life NASCAR Hall of Famer Richard Petty.

What is Luigi saying in cars?

Luigi translates that he said, “Get back in the race! Go, go, go!” “Non ti credo.” (Italian for “I do not believe you.”)