What can you hunt with a 338 Win Mag?

What can you hunt with a 338 Win Mag?

338 Winchester Magnum is most commonly used for the hunting of larger deer species such as elk and moose. It is quite popular with elk hunters, with bullets ranging between 200–225 gr (13.0–14.6 g) generally preferred for large class 3 game such as elk or moose. Apart from the larger deer species, the .

How far can a 338 Win Mag shoot accurately?

retains at 500 yards. If you want a magnum that functions in reasonably sized, sporter-weight rifles, yet hits more like rounds typically chambered for much larger, heavier, long-magnum rifles, the 338 Winchester Magnum is your huckleberry.

Is a 338 good for hunting?

You might have a superhuman ability to place accurate shots under heavy recoil. If that’s you, or you cover ground primarily with a 4×4, the . 338 might be a good bet. But for most hunters, recoil affects shot placement, especially when shooting from awkward field positions.

Is a 338 too big for deer?

Conceivably at its best on elk, moose, and bison-size game, the . 338 Win. Mag. isn’t too much for deer and antelope, and with a heavy-for-caliber, tough bullet designed to break heavy bones and penetrate deeply, it’s an outstanding choice for big bears.

Which is better 300 Win Mag or 338 win mag?

The 300 Win Mag has less recoil and a slightly flatter trajectory at normal hunting ranges, but typical 338 Win Mag loads have 10-15% more muzzle energy and about 20% more frontal surface area.

How long will a 338 win mag barrel last?

If you heat the crap out of the barrel on a regular basis and keep shooting when it’s sticking hot, it will last only 1,500 rounds.

Is 338 win mag good for elk?

Is 338 win mag good for brown bear?

The 338 is NOT such a Punk round no matter the bullet used. I have used it on Moose at 50 meters and had to fire two more to put it down with proper hits and PROPER Bullets. Brown Bears are bigger and tougher than any Moose.

How flat does a 338 win mag shoot?

338 bullets can weigh as much as 250-grains and still shoot about as flat as a 180-grain 300 Win. Mag. Nosler’s ABLR 250-grain is rated with a ballistic coefficient of . 575.

What is the range of a 338?

338 cartridge is 14.93 mm (0.588 in) in diameter (rim) and 93.5 mm (3.68 in) long. It can penetrate better-than-standard military body armor at ranges of up to 1,000 metres (1,090 yd), and has a maximum effective range of about 1,750 metres (1,910 yd) with C.I.P.

What is bigger than a 338 win mag?

338 Winchester Magnum. The . 375 H&H Magnum offers a larger case capacity than the . 338—95 grains versus 86 grains—and that gentle eight-degree shoulder makes for easy feeding.