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What can you do with Sophia Dryden?

What can you do with Sophia Dryden?

Accept Sophia’s deal by telling her to tell Levi about Sophia. She says she will answer any questions Levi has after you help her….Maximal XP and Gold Strategy

  1. Agree to Sophia’s deal.
  2. Go to the Tower and kill Avernus.
  3. Return to Sophia and have her fix the Veil.
  4. Get the location of the Gold from Sophia.

Should I drink the alchemical concoction?

Acquisition. To activate the two Power of Blood abilities available to their class, the Warden must drink the Alchemical Concoction found during the Soldier’s Peak quest. There might be a way to get a second chance to drink this Vial if you did not drink it during your Soldier’s Peak Quest.

How do I get GREY Warden armor?

Acquisition. The set can only be acquired by creating a new warrior character in Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening, where it is given as a starting item to the character, or importing a character of a lower level, or without armor equipped from Dragon Age: Origins.

How do you get the Warden Commander armor set?

The armor is found at the Soldier’s Peak. It can only be obtained by killing the demon-possessed corpse of Sophia Dryden, Levi Dryden’s great-great grandmother, as part of the Soldier’s Peak (quest).

How do I get Starfang?

Starfang is obtained by bringing the Meteor Metal Ore found during The Crater World map encounter to Mikhael Dryden in Soldier’s Peak after the completion of the Soldier’s Peak quest. When you speak with Mikhael with the meteor ore in your inventory, you can ask him if he can forge a weapon for you out of it.

Is there a storage chest in Dragon Age Origins?

The Party Storage Chest is a unique container that can be used to store party items. In Dragon Age: Origins it requires the Warden’s Keep DLC and can be found at Soldier’s Peak. The chest does not appear until you finish the quest Soldier’s Peak and leave the area.

How did the warden deal with avernus?

Dragon Age: Origins In the last room of Avernus’ tower, the Warden will find Avernus himself. He will ask for a temporary truce and that the Warden stay their hand until he can seal the Veil and the demons are dealt with.

What is the power of blood?

It gives strength and fights all forms of germs in the body. Blood is a miracle fluid that keeps the body alive. It is precious and very vital to the body. Man’s blood was contaminated by the sin of Adam and through Adam, sin circulated throughout the whole world.

How did the Warden deal with avernus?

What is the best armor in Dragon Age: Origins?

Massive armor sets

Name Armor Fatigue
Blood Dragon armor set (v1.1) Silverite 27.31 37.5%
Legion of the Dead armor set Dragonbone 28.76 35.10%
Wade’s Dragonbone Plate armor set Dragonbone 28.76 35.10%
Wade’s Superior Dragonbone Plate armor set Dragonbone Requires: 42 Strength 28.76 35.10%

How many GREY wardens are there?

In 9:30 Dragon, the strength of the Grey Wardens is estimated at over 1,000 in the Anderfels, several hundred in Orlais, and around two dozen in Ferelden, with unknown numbers in other nations and the Free Marches.