What came first Newsies movie or musical?

What came first Newsies movie or musical?

In 1992, Disney released its first live-action musical in 24 years, Newsies, loosely based on the Newsboy Strike on 1899. The film marked the directorial debut of Kenny Ortega (who went on to helm Disney’s High School Musical franchise) and featured music by Oscar winner Alan Menken.

Is Newsies a good Broadway show?

Overall, Newsies is brisk and compact with a tight score, complete with some showstoppers. Kamp, who has been seen around town at Aurora and the Alliance and on the national tour of Catch Me If You can, is a terrific center to the musical and gives a very charismatic performance.

Is the Newsies movie historically accurate?

Historically, the musical is very accurate. It carefully chronicles the two-week-long 1899 newsboy (the kids were aged about 10 to 17) strike against the papers of Pulitzer, Hearst and others.

Did Newsies run anywhere else before Broadway for previews?

Newsies began previews of a limited Broadway run at the Nederlander Theatre on March 15, 2012, and opened on March 29. After the show sold out its initial twelve weeks and a ten-week extension, Disney announced an open-ended run on May 16, 2012.

Why did Newsies close on Broadway?

Broadway shows often end their runs in August to avoid a decline in sales through the fall, and “Newsies” was facing plenty of competition – including the new musical comedy “Honeymoon in Vegas” as well as Disney’s latest hit, “Aladdin.”

Was Tom Hanks in Newsies?

In 1988, Moscow played the young Josh Baskin in Big, in which his character was magically transformed into an adult played by Tom Hanks. Moscow landed the role of David Jacobs in the 1992 filmed version of the musical Newsies, co-starring opposite Christian Bale.

How many cuss words are in Newsies?

I LOVE Newsies! There is some mild curse words (d*mn, h*ll, a**) and some violence and one of the characters has a cigarette but nothing really really bad cuz it is a Disney movie! 2 people found this helpful.

Is Newsies appropriate for a 5 year old?

Is Newsies appropriate for kids? Definitely yes. You may have to explain to them what’s going on (it wasn’t obvious in the beginning to my son), but I don’t recall any bad words or sexual innuendo (other than very slight suggestiveness of the Medda Larkin performer character, and that was tame.

Was Jack Kelly a real newsie?

it might have suited Roosevelt, but the real Jack appears to have stayed in New York, and appears to have taken a job as a bodyguard for William Randolph Hearst, one of the newspaper moguls who’d raised his rates and precipitated the strike.

Was spot Collins a real person?

Spot Conlon was indeed real. Or, at least, The Sun reported that he was real (newspapers didn’t fact check as much in 1899 as they do now). He is mentioned in two articles related to the strike, both from The Sun.

Why did Jeremy Jordan leave Newsies?

Just four months into the run, Jeremy would pull double duty once again, filming a series regular role on NBC’s hit series “Smash” while still starring in Newsies. After a couple months of sleepless nights and no days off, Jeremy left Newsies to film “Smash” full-time.

Is Newsies going back on Broadway?

Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center Opens 2021-2022 with Disney’s NEWSIES.