What bank is UniCredit?

What bank is UniCredit?

UniCredit Bank is one of the largest banks in Russia and a member of UniCredit, a successful Pan-European Commercial Bank. UniCredit Bank has been operating in Russia since 1989. The Bank benefits from its strong position in the large Russian corporate finance market and sustainable retail banking business.

Is UniCredit a good bank?

UniCredit Bank ranked #2 in the ranking of the 100 Reliable Russian Banks 2020 by the Russian Forbes magazine. UniCredit Bank became the prizewinner of The Bank of the Year award by Banki.ru information portal as result of 2019 in The Mortgage Loan of the Year category for its offer For Apartment.

Who owns UniCredit?

UniCredit Banca

Type Subsidiary
Total equity €1.811 billion (2009)
Owner UniCredit (100%)
Parent UniCredit
Capital ratio 9.80% (Basel II Tier 1)

Is UniCredit Italian bank?

UniCredit S.p.A. UniCredit S.p.A. is an international banking group headquartered in Milan. It is Italy’s only systemically important bank (according to the list provided by the Financial Stability Board in 2013) and the world’s 34th largest by assets.

What is the meaning of UniCredit?

Wikipedia. UniCredit. UniCredit S.p.A. is an Italian global banking and financial services company. Its network spans 50 markets in 17 countries, with more than 8,500 branches and over 147,000 employees. Its strategic position in Western and Eastern Europe gives the group one of the continent’s highest market shares.

How many countries does UniCredit operate in?

UniCredit S.p.A. is pan-European banking organization operating in 30 countries.

Is UniCredit in USA?

In the US, UniCredit operates through US subsidiaries and branches of such entities. UniCredit has been identified by the Financial Stability Board (“FSB”) as a global systemically important bank.

How many customers has UniCredit?

15 million customers
We serve over 15 million customers worldwide. They are at the heart of what we do in all our markets. UniCredit is organized in four core regions and two product factories, Corporate and Individual Solutions.

When was UniCredit founded?

1998UniCredit / Founded

What is the swift code for UniCredit Banca Italy?


Swift code (8 characters) UNCRITMM
Branch name UNICREDIT S.P.A.
Branch code XXX

How do I open a student bank account in Italy?

The required documents order to open a Unicredit bank account are:

  1. A valid passport as an identity card.
  2. Student certificate, which the secretary of the university originally issued.
  3. A rent contract in the city where medical students study.
  4. Personal Codice Fiscale.