What are words with the prefix mal?

What are words with the prefix mal?

Words Based on the Mal Root Word

  • Mala fide: Doing something in bad faith, in an attempt to deceive someone.
  • Malabsorption: Bad absorption of food.
  • Maladjusted: A bad ability to adjust to a social environment.
  • Malaise: A general state of feeling badly; sickness.
  • Malign: Evil-natured.
  • Malefactor: Evildoer.
  • Malady: Bad disease.

Why does Mal mean bad?

a combining form meaning “bad,” “wrongful,” “ill,” occurring originally in loanwords from French (malapert); on this model, used in the formation of other words (malfunction; malcontent).

What is a mal word?

1 : bad : badly maltreat. 2 : abnormal : abnormally malformation. mal. noun. \ ˈmäl , ˈmal \

What are 5 words that start with Mal?

5-letter words starting with MAL

malai malam
Malmo malms
malmy Malos
malta malts
malty malum

What words have mater in them?

8 letter words containing mater

  • material.
  • maternal.
  • materiel.
  • animater.
  • materies.
  • maternus.
  • kamatero.
  • sumatera.

What are some mis words?

Explore the Words

  • misadventure. an instance of misfortune.
  • misanthropy. hatred of mankind.
  • misconception. an incorrect assumption.
  • misconstrue. interpret in the wrong way.
  • misfortune. unnecessary and unforeseen trouble.
  • mishap. an instance of misfortune.
  • misnomer. an incorrect or unsuitable name.
  • misogyny. hatred of women.

Is Mal a name?

Mal Origin and Meaning The name Mal is a boy’s name meaning “devotee of St. Colomba”. A nickname for Malcolm that at one point ranked independently on the US Top 1000. It still exists as an affectionate pet form, but you’re unlikely to hear a Malcolm introduce himself as Mal.

What informality means?

the state of being informal; absence of formality. an informal act.

What is a gen?

Definition of gen (Entry 1 of 6) informal. : generation sense 1 I always get the various gens mixed up but I am pretty sure the Greatest Generation, the people who fought World War II, were the parents of the baby boomers.—

What words start with Matri?

9-letter words that start with matri

  • matrimony.
  • matriarch.
  • matricide.
  • matriline.
  • matriliny.
  • matrixing.
  • matricula.
  • matricity.