What are the four main identity status categories quizlet?

What are the four main identity status categories quizlet?

The four categories of identity status he describes are identity moratorium, identity foreclosure, identity diffusion, and identity achievement.

What are Marcia’s 4 identity stages?

Marcia’s four identity stages are diffusion (low exploration, low commitment), foreclosure (low exploration, high commitment), moratorium (high exploration, low commitment), and achievement (high exploration, high commitment).

What is identity achievement quizlet?

identity achievement. commitment to values, beliefs, and goals following a period of exploration. identity moratorium. exploration without having reached commitment.

What are the identity status?

Identity status is assessed as identity achievement, foreclosure, moratorium, or confusion. People who are classified as identity achieved have experienced a period of questioning and exploration, and have made occupational and ideological commitments.

What defines identity moratorium?

An identity moratorium is one step in the process of finding a sense of self. It is a period of active searching for one’s occupational, religious, ethnic, or another form of identity to determine who they really are. It is an identity crisis as part of the quest of teens and tweens to find themselves.

Which of the following is an example of identity diffusion?

Here are some examples of identity diffusion. A pre-teenager is asked about her political affiliation – whether she is a Republican, Democrat, or some third party. After thinking about it for a moment, she says that she does not identify with any political party and really doesn’t know much about politics.

What is an identity status?

Which identity status is characterized by high commitment and high exploration?

Identity achievement is characterized by high commitment and high exploration.