What are the faces on a totem pole?

What are the faces on a totem pole?

The faces are carved to look like people, animals, or plants. Each face represents a special part of the family’s past. When totem poles are erected2, the whole tribe throws a grand feast. These celebrations are called potlatches.

What do the different animals on a totem pole mean?

Common figures found on totem poles include the raven (a symbol of The Creator), the eagle (representing peace and friendship), the killer whale (a symbol of strength), the thunderbird, the beaver, the bear, the wolf and the frog.

What were the 6 different types of totem poles created?

There are six main types of monumental poles: memorial or heraldic poles, grave figures, house posts, house-front or portal poles, welcoming poles, and mortuary poles.

What type of wood is used to make a totem pole?

Most totem poles are made from Western red cedar, a rot-resistant tree that is straight-grained and easy to carve. Before a cedar tree is harvested for a totem pole, many coastal First Nations communities will perform a ceremony of gratitude and respect in honour of the tree.

Is it better to be on the top or bottom of a totem pole?

…the bottom of all totem pole is sometimes the best carved part of the whole pole. Meaning wise, the low man has a much or more meaning than other figures. So while the general meaning seems to be that higher is better, traditionally for totem poles – as is explained by NCIS – lower is better.

What is my spirit animal birth?

Spirit Animals Chart by Birthday

Spirit Animal Birth Date Zodiac Sign
Horse Jan. 21 – Feb. 18 Aquarius
Owl Nov. 22 – Dec. 21 Sagittarius
Snake Jun. 21 – Jul. 22 Cancer
Unicorn Dec. 21 – Jan. 20 Capricorn

What does a dog mean on a totem pole?

The dog totem symbolizes the capability to commit to a spiritual path or personal belief without hesitation. Also, people with dog totem are loyal without limits. They often fear abandonment and are devoted to those that they trust to stay by their side.

How do you make a totem pole for a school project?

  1. 1 Wrap a piece. Wrap a piece of brown construction paper around an empty paper towel tube once and cut off any excess construction paper.
  2. 2 Place the trimmed construction paper.
  3. 3 Use crayons and markers and.
  4. 4 Glue the construction paper.
  5. 5 Make wings for your totem pole.

How do you make a paper totem?


  1. Use a sheet of brown construction paper to cover the cardboard tube.
  2. Cut shapes out of construction paper for the animals.
  3. Larger shapes can be used for animal bodies, while smaller shapes can be used for the eyes, beaks, wing decorations, etc.
  4. Glue the animal parts together and allow the glue to dry.

Is it OK to say totem pole?

“Climbing the totem pole” or “Low man on the totem pole” “When saying that someone is on the top or bottom of the totem pole, this can be perceived as insensitive because there is no ‘bottom’ in the same sense,” says Waters. “This comment isn’t necessarily offensive; it is however, insensitive.”