What are the elements of portfolio in assessment?

What are the elements of portfolio in assessment?


  • Cover Letter “About the author” and “What my portfolio shows about my progress as a learner” (written at the end, but put at the beginning).
  • Table of Contents with numbered pages.
  • Entries – both core (items students have to include) and optional (items of student’s choice).

What is the most important elements of portfolio?

1. Quality Pictures. The pictures in your portfolio are, without question, the most important aspect overall.

What are key portfolio elements?

Key Elements of Project Portfolio Management

  • Define business objectives. Clarifying business objectives is a critical first step in project portfolio management.
  • Inventory projects and requests.
  • Prioritize projects.
  • Validate project feasibility and initiate projects.
  • Manage and monitor the portfolio.

What are the elements of a student portfolio?

What to Include in a Student Portfolio

  • samples of work from each subject area – keep it simple.
  • writing samples including plans and draft copies.
  • open-ended tasks such as Mathematics Investigations.
  • student self-reflection.
  • photographs to capture positive learning experiences such as group work.
  • goals and targets.

What are the examples of portfolio assessment?

Portfolio assessments ask students or teachers to collect work products that show growth over a specific period of time. Examples of work products include collections of student essays, artwork, lab reports or reading logs.

What are the three types of portfolio assessment?

1) Showcase or Presentation Portfolio: A Collection of Best Work.

  • 2) Process or Learning Portfolio: A Work in Progress.
  • 3) Assessment Portfolio: Used For Accountability.
  • 4) A Hybrid Approach.
  • What are the purposes of portfolio assessment?

    Portfolio assessment enables students to reflect their real performance, to show their weak and strong domain and to observe student’s progress during the learning process, and encourages students to take responsibilities for their own learning.

    How are portfolios used in assessment?

    What is a student portfolio assessment?

    What are the 6 parts of portfolio?

    6 Elements to Make Your Career Portfolio Stand Out

    • Have a consistent theme. It’s important to have a professional theme that is consistent throughout your entire portfolio.
    • Highlight accomplishments.
    • Include numbers with your results.
    • Design an infographic.
    • Make your portfolio digital.
    • Be social with your portfolio.

    What are the 3 types of portfolio assessment?