What are stitching screws used for?

What are stitching screws used for?

Stitching Screws are a multipurpose screw used for fixing into timber or light gauge steel.

Where are buildex screws made?

Buildex Proudly Manufacturing in Australia With its manufacturing plant located in Melbourne it produces over 2 million fasteners a day. The level of manufacturing control and commitment to quality has earned Buildex® fasteners the reputation of delivering the most dependable roof fasteners on the market.

What is ITW screw?

Since 1967 ITW Buildex® has been a leading manufacturer in the commercial construction market with the introduction of our Teks® product line. We manufacture self-drilling and tapping screws, anchors, toggles, and other fastening systems under the Teks®, Sammys®, Dec-King®, E-Z Ancor®, and Rock-On-brands.

What are TEKS screws?

Tek® screws — also called self-tapping fasteners or self-drilling screws — are screws that have a very small carving at the end of their tip, called a drill bit. The drill bit tip creates a small hole by tapping before driving it in.

Are stitch screws necessary?

The manufacturer’s installation guide for the Classic Rib panels says to install stitch screws every 12″ along the side laps, but the guides from a couple of major retailers of Classic Rib say stitch screws are optional with a 4:12 or greater pitch.

Who invented Tek screws?

3. Who Invented Tek Screws? Buildex designed the original self-drilling screws and called them “Tek” screws. Today, the term “tek screws” is used to refer to self-drilling screws.

What does ITW hardware mean?

ITW is a division of Illinois Tool Works Inc., a global manufacturer of engineered products and specialty systems operating in 57 countries.

What are Tek 5 screws?

Hex washer head tek 5 screws are zinc plated self-drilling sheet metal screws with an extra long drill point tip and are threaded from the top of the tip to the bottom of the hex head. Hex teks 5 have a longer drill tip than regular hex teks.

How do you use TEKS screws?

The best way to use a Tek screw is with an electric screwdriver or drill. You can choose to create a pilot hole, which will ensure your Tek screw goes in straight. Just make sure your pilot hole is slightly smaller than the Tek screw, or else the screw’s grooves won’t be able to catch.

Are TEKS screws exterior?

With over 50 years of experience and innovation, Teks Metal Fasteners delivers Pros’ with optimal drilling performance and holding power. Offered in a variety of types covering interior and exterior Metal-to-Metal, Metal-to-Wood, and Wood-to-Metal applications.