What are device collections in SCCM?

What are device collections in SCCM?

Collections help you to organize SCCM resources. The SCCM resources in this context are devices and users. You can organize or tag SCCM resources into manageable units using the Collection. Collections can be created to match your client management requirements.

How do I create a query based collection in SCCM?

Browse to Assets and Compliance, right click on Device Collections and select “Create Device Collection”.

  1. Give the collection a meaningful name, and set the limiting collection.
  2. Add a Query Rule.
  3. Edit Query Statement.
  4. Head to the criteria tab, and click on the new star item.

How do I add a list of computers in SCCM collection?

Add Multiple Devices to SCCM collection using PowerShell

  1. Step 1 – Create a device collection in SCCM. Open the SCCM Console.
  2. Step 2 – Prepare the Computers List.
  3. Step 3 – Import the Computers using ConfigMgr Powershell cmdlets.

What is dynamic collection in SCCM?

Members of a collection are specified by using direct rules, query rules, or both. Direct rules define an explicit resource, whereas query rules define a dynamic collection that is regularly evaluated based on the current state of the site.

What are the discovery methods in SCCM?

Types of SCCM Discovery Methods

  • Active Directory System Discovery. Finds PCs in your association from indicated areas in Active Directory.
  • SCCM Active Directory Group Discovery.
  • Configuration Manager Active Directory User Discovery.
  • Active Directory Forest Discovery.
  • Heartbeat Discovery.
  • Network Discovery.

How do I find a collection in SCCM?

Best Way to Find Collection ID of All Collections in SCCM

  1. Launch the Configuration Manager console.
  2. Go to Monitoring\Overview\Collection Evaluation.
  3. Select Full Evaluation Status, and now you should see the collection ID for all the collections.

How do you see which collections a device is a member of?

Find Collection Members for a Device in SCCM

  1. Open Configuration Manager console.
  2. Navigate \Assets and Compliance\Overview\Devices.
  3. Select a Device (Prod-Win20 is the device).
  4. Check the botton of the console – there are different tabs available:
  5. Click on Collections tab to find out the collection members of a device.

How do I add a computer to SCCM?

You can add devices manually via Assets and Compliance –> Devices -> Import Computer Information. Also you can let SCCM search your Active Directory for Devices. This can be configured via Administration -> Hierarchy Configuration -> Discovery Methods -> ACtive Directory System Discovery.

What is a limiting collection SCCM?

Limiting Collection: The collection by which you limit another collection.

What is discovery data collection cycle in SCCM?

Discovery Data Collection Cycle causes the client to generate a new discovery data record (DDR). When the DDR is processed by the site server, Discovery Data Manager adds or updates resource information from the DDR in the site database.

Does SCCM require Active Directory?

Answers. The Active Directory service is a requirement. However you do not need to have domain admin rights to install and configure the different features in CM2007.