What appears on a DOT label?

What appears on a DOT label?

DOT labels must have the hazard class number, or the division number, printed in a font that is at least 6.3 mm (0.25 inches) and not greater than 12.7 mm (0.5 inches) in height.

What markings must be on a box containing HAZMAT?

In general, non-bulk packages of hazardous material must be marked with three pieces of information:

  • Proper Shipping Name,
  • Identification number, and.
  • Either the consignee’s or consignor’s name and address, i.e., the “to” or “from” address.

What shape are HAZMAT labels?

Hazmat Label Size Specifications Hazmat labels are designed to be affixed square-on-point, in a diamond orientation. Each side of the diamond must measure at least 100 mm. (i.e., 3.9 inches). Labels must fit on one side of your package.

What are the 2 types of dangerous goods labels in use?

Dangerous goods labels

  • Class 1: Explosive substances and articles.
  • Class 2: Gases.
  • Class 3: Flammable liquids.
  • Class 4: Flammable solids and other solid explosive substances.
  • Class 5: Oxidising substances and organic peroxides.

What is marking and labeling?

Marking and labeling are important steps when preparing a dangerous good package for transportation. Labels often communicate the hazards associated with the package, and markings ensure the shipment is handled so that spills, accidents and exposure are prevented.

What are dot marks?

DOT Placards are larger, more durable versions of hazard labels that are usually placed on bulk packages or transport vehicles to communicate the hazards of chemicals inside.

What is the difference between marking and labeling?

What markings are required on bulk packaging?

A bulk packaging containing regulated medical waste must be marked with the BIOHAZARD marking. It must be on two opposing sides or ends other than the bottom, for a packaging less then 1,000 gallons, and each side and each end if the packaging is more then 1,000 gallons.

What size are hazmat labels on packaging?

The shape must be a diamond (square on point) and have dimensions of 3.9 in (100 mm) on each side. Each side must have a solid line inner border 5 mm inside and parallel to edge. The width of the solid line border must be at least 2 mm. The sign must be a rectangle measuring at least 3.9 in.

Is diesel a dangerous good?

Also, C1 combustible liquids (such as diesel fuel) are classified as dangerous goods for storage purposes, but not for road and rail transport.

Which packing group is most dangerous?

Packing group I
It is represented by a letter following the primary class. The packing group indicates the degree of danger of a product or substance. Packing group I indicates great danger, packing group II indicates moderate danger and packing group III indicates minor danger.

What are handling labels?

Shipping and Handling Labels Information. Shipping and Handling Labels are preprinted labels that identify proper handling directions and in some cases destination information. These labels may indicate contents of package such as Flammability or Fragile or they may indicate directions for handling.