What aircraft has the best thrust to weight ratio?

What aircraft has the best thrust to weight ratio?

Each J85—GE-13 in the F-5 produces 4,080 pounds of thrust yet weighs only 585 pounds. Its thrust-to-weight ratio of 7 to 1 is by far the highest of any operational gas turbine today.

What engine has the best power-to-weight ratio?

Power list: Best power-to-weight ratios in the world

  • 7: Koenigsegg One:1 – 986bhp/tonne.
  • 6: Saleen S7 LM – 1000bhp/tonne.
  • 5: Ruf 9ff GT9 Vmax – 1030bhp/tonne.
  • 4: Ultima Evo – 1073bhp/tonne.
  • 3: Caparo T1 – 1074bhp/tonne.
  • 2: Hennessey Venom F5 – 1196bhp/tonne.
  • 1: Fahlke Larea GT1 S12 – 1267bhp/tonne.

What plane has the highest power to weight?

The most powerful commercial airline jets with four engines, the Boeing 747–8 and Airbus A380 have a thrust-to-weight ratio much less than 1:1. The 747–8, with a total of (4 x 72,300 pounds of thrust) 289,200 pounds of thrust, has a maximum takeoff weight of 975,000 pounds.

What is the thrust to weight ratio of a 747?

Beginner’s Guide to Propulsion Thrust to Weight Ratio Answers

Name of Aircraft Thrust to Engine Weight Ratio Thrust to Airplane Weight Ratio
Boeing 747-400 6.3 0.27
Boeing F15 4.9 0.67
Boeing 737-300 4.7 0.30
Boeing F18 5.3 0.38

What jet has the most thrust?

The GE9X engine for the Boeing 777X has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the the most powerful commercial aircraft jet engine (test performance) after reaching 134,300 lbs of thrust.

Is higher power-to-weight ratio better?

But in terms of sheer acceleration ability and speed – the higher your power to weight ratio, the better. That means the ideal performance car is lighter in curb weight but jacked to the hilt in horsepower.

What is a good PWR car?

Top 50 Supercars listed by power to weight ratios

Horsepower Power to Weight (hp/lb)
Top Fuel 7,000 304.35
Formula 1 Car 850 54.92
Moto GP 240 69.36
Caparo T1 575 47.42

Which plane has most thrust?

Overall the aircraft with the greatest thrust to date has been the StratoLaunch. With 6 PW5406 engines, each rated at 56,000 lbs of thrust, this gives it the highest takeoff thrust at slightly over 340,000 lbs. For production aircraft, it’s the A380.

What is aircraft thrust/weight ratio?

For aircraft, the quoted thrust-to-weight ratio is often the maximum static thrust at sea level divided by the maximum takeoff weight. Aircraft with thrust-to-weight ratio greater than 1:1 can pitch straight up and maintain airspeed until performance decreases at higher altitude.

Which jet engine is strongest?

What is the most advanced jet engine?

It was the largest jet engine, until being surpassed in January 2020 by its successor, the 110,000 lbf (490 kN) GE9X, which has a 6 in (15 cm) wider fan. The GE90 however is still more powerful than its successor, the GE9X….General Electric GE90.

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