What 3 breeds make up a Beefmaster?

What 3 breeds make up a Beefmaster?

The Beefmaster was developed in Texas and Colorado by crossbreeding and careful selection, with the cattle carrying about one-half Brahman blood and about one-fourth each of Hereford and Shorthorn breeding.

What two breeds make a Beefmaster?

Beefmaster is a breed of beef cattle that was developed in the early 1930s by Tom Lasater (the breed founder), from a systematic crossing of Hereford cows and Shorthorn cows with Brahman bulls.

What is an E6 Beefmaster?

What is an E6 Certified Female? This is a female that has been certified by. Beefmaster Breeders United to be at least 50% Beefmaster and can be as much as 100%.

Is Beefmaster a good cattle?

The females are excellent mothers, raising a heavy calf each year, and the bulls are aggressive breeders. Beefmasters are intelligent, gentle cattle that are truly a pleasure to work with.

How long do Beefmaster bulls live?

Quick Facts about Beefmaster Cattle Breed

Breed Name: Beefmaster
Bull (Male) Size: 2,645 pounds
Cow (Female) Size: 1,760 pounds
Color: Light to dark red
Lifespan: Up to 11 years

How long do Beefmaster cattle live?

What are e 6 cattle?

An E-6 certified female has been certified by Beefmaster Breeders United to be at least 50% Beefmaster and can be as much as 100%. This animal has been inspected by a staff member of BBU for quality control and branded with the E6 brand. A certificate accompanies this animal.

What are E6 Cattle?

Certified E6 Females are commercial replacement heifers that are at least half purebred Beefmaster genetics. A producer of E6 females may choose to use a registered Beefmaster bull on his commercial cow herd or breed his registered Beefmaster females to any bull of his choice.

How much is a Beefmaster cow?

Robbins Cattle

# Beefmaster Commercial Average
15 bred heifers $3,967
4 bred cows $4,925
12 fall pairs $3,879
58 total lots $4,388

Is beefmaster a good cattle?

Do beefmaster have horns?

Beefmasters can be polled or horned. Other characteristics: This breed is the first composite breed created in America.