Is vyjayanthimala husband alive?

Is vyjayanthimala husband alive?

Vyjayanthimala (born 13 August 1936) is a former Indian actress, dancer and parliamentarian….

Occupation Actress, Indian classical dancer, Carnatic singer, politician
Years active 1949–1970
Works Full List
Spouse(s) Chamanlal Bali ​ ​ ( m. 1968; died 1986)​

Who is vyjayanthimala husband?

Chamanlal BaliVyjayanthimala / Husband (m. 1968–1986)

Who are vyjayanthimala parents?

Vasundhara Devi
M. D. Ramaswamy

How old is vyjayanthimala now?

85 years (August 13, 1936)Vyjayanthimala / Age

What was Vyjayanthimala last movie?

The film received universal acclaim, but it was a huge box office failure, which left Vyjayanthimala, who had huge expectations of the film, disenchanted to the point where she decided to quit films….As actor.

Year 1957
Film Kathputli
Role Pushpa
Language Hindi
Notes Last film of Amiya Chakrabarty Completed by Nitin Bose

Who was Vyjayanthimala father?

M. D. RamaswamyVyjayanthimala / Father

Who is Vyjayanthimala father?

Is Vyjayanthimala related to Hema Malini?

Hema Malini said Vyjayanthimala has always been a “role model” and like an “elder sister” to her. Mumbai: Actress Hema Malini said Vyjayanthimala has always been a “role model” and like an “elder sister” to her. The legendary actress who turned 75 Aug 13 was felicitated at a programme held Sunday night.

Who is Vyjayanthimala sister?

Padmini Ramachandran (12 June 1932 – 24 September 2006) was an Indian actress and trained Bharatanatyam dancer, who acted in over 250 Indian films.

Is Rekha ji married?

Mukesh AggarwalRekha / Spouse (m. 1990–1990)

How is Latha Rajinikanth related to Vyjayanthimala?

Personal life. Latha is the sister-in-law of Tamil playwright and film actor Y Gee Mahendran. She is also related to former film actress Vyjayanthimala. Latha’s brother Ravi Raghavendra is also an actor who is the father of music director Anirudh Ravichander.