Is UAC all Australia?

Is UAC all Australia?

The Universities Admissions Centre (UAC, pronounced /ˈjuːæk/ YOO-ak) is an organisation that processes applications for admission to tertiary education courses, mainly at institutions in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory….External links.

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How do I contact UAC?

Simply call UAC’s friendly customer service team on 1300 275 822 (02 9752 0200 from mobiles).

Is UAC private?

UAC is a private company that operates within Australia and by virtue of its governing rules and its service to the community is a not-for-profit entity under section 50-10 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Cth).

Is UAC only NSW?

UAC (Universities Admissions Centre) is the NSW-based organisation that provides a centralised system for applying to world-class universities in NSW and the ACT.

Does ATAR expire?

No, your Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) does not expire. You can continue to use your ATAR for admission to the University of Newcastle any year after you have completed your Higher School Certificate (HSC), or Year 12/final year of school.

Do you have to pay for UAC?

UAC fees and charges are not refundable under any circumstances, except as required by law. Applications must be completed, paid for and submitted by midnight on the relevant closing date. If you don’t pay the processing charge, your application can’t be processed and you won’t be made an offer.

What is your UAC number?

When you complete the personal details section of your application, you’ll be emailed your nine-digit 2021–22 UAC application number and your four-digit PIN. Your application number will also be recorded on your Confirmation of Application. This space contains info and offers for future students.

What is UAC disabled?

Important: This procedure involves disabling User Account Control. This feature is intended to prevent administrative accounts from performing undesired actions that can affect the system. Disabling UAC removes these notifications.

What is UAC stand for?


Acronym Definition
UAC User Account Control
UAC Upper Area Control (aviation)
UAC Union Aerospace Corporation (Doom series)
UAC United Aircraft Corporation (Russia)

What is the lowest ATAR to get into UTS?

Unfortunately not, to be eligible to receive adjustment points under any UTS admission scheme, you need to have a minimum ATAR (or equivalent) of 69.00. Check out our admission pathways so that you can reapply in the future with a more competitive application.

Why is UTS in Sydney?

UTS is a reflection of Sydney’s multicultural diversity. With around 42,600 students from 120 different countries, UTS is an exciting place to be! Located in the heart of the city, we take a global approach to education that has innovation at its core.