Is there a manual for iPhone 6?

Is there a manual for iPhone 6?

The easiest thing to do is download the iPhone 6 manual to your new iPhone so you can search it and read it as you need to learn how to perform a task. You don’t need to pay for an iPhone 6 manual download, as Apple offers a free user guide.

What are the buttons on my iPhone 6s?

Use the side, Home, and other buttons on your iPhone

  • Sleep. On iPhone 6 and later, press the side button to wake your iPhone or put it to sleep.
  • Ring/Silent. Use the ring/silent switch to mute sounds and alerts.
  • Volume up/down.
  • Home button/Touch ID.
  • Restart.
  • Siri.

What are the features of an iPhone 6s?


  • Retina HD display with 3D Touch.
  • 4.7-inch (diagonal) widescreen LCD Multi-Touch display with IPS technology.
  • 1334-by-750-pixel resolution at 326 ppi.
  • 1400:1 contrast ratio (typical)
  • 500 cd/m2 max brightness (typical)
  • Full sRGB standard.
  • Dual-domain pixels for wide viewing angles.

What is the code to check original iPhone?

You can dial the code “*#06#” on your dialer to display your iPhone’s serial number. On the phone, go to “Settings,” choose “General,” and then click on “About.” This will give you the serial number. You can then access the Apple website, where you can enter your iPhone serial number to see if it is a real iPhone.

How will I know if iPhone is original?

By looking up the serial number, you can verify whether or not it’s in Apple’s database. Locate the serial number on the iPhone by tapping “Settings,” choosing “General” and selecting “About.” Scroll down to “Serial Number,” and keep the screen open or write down the number.

What are the buttons on iPhone 6?

What is the button above volume on iPhone?

The iPhone has a hardware mute switch, which lets you quickly and easily turn the ringer off and put the iPhone into vibrate-only mode. It’s located on the left side (facing the device) directly above the volume rocker. When the ring/silent switch is in-line with the volume rocker, the ringer is on.