Is the UA Apollo worth the money?

Is the UA Apollo worth the money?

It’s certainly many times more expensive than an entry level audio interface, but it’s also worth every penny. In terms of quality, you’ll never out grow it. In terms of plugins, it’s a great deal. The two limiting factors are the number of inputs/outputs, and the processing power.

How can I get Pro Tools for free?

  1. Go to and click the Pro Tools from the left panel of the website.
  2. From the Pro Tools page, click Pro Tools | Ultimate.
  3. From the upper right corner of the same page click Free trial, to go to the trial page.

Does Apollo interface sound better?

And simply put, Apollo Interfaces sound better. From the flagship Apollo x16 — which sports the widest dynamic range (133 dB) and lowest THD+N (-129 dB), of any integrated audio interface on the market — to Apollo Solo, which features the best A/D and D/A conversion of any bus‑powered audio interface.

Are UAD plugins AAX?

Yes. Is the entire library of UAD plug-ins available in AAX 64 format? Yes, all UAD plug-ins are available.

What software is compatible with Pro Tools?

Compatible hardware

Pro Tools Pro Tools | Ultimate
Avid S3 + +
Avid S4 + +
Avid S6 + +

Is Pro Tools Free any good?

The free version of Pro Tools, Pro Tools first can be a good introductory step to get familiar with the software without making an investment, though it may be impractical for daily music making. There are, however, a number of limitations, namely: Cloud storage only (1GB of free space included)

How do I get Pro Tools to recognize Apollo twin?

You will first need to make sure that the Apollo is selected as your Playback Engine within Pro Tools. To do this, open Pro Tools and navigate to Setup > Playback Engine and make sure ‘Universal Audio Apollo’ is selected. Next, navigate to Setup > I/O and click on the ‘Input’ tab when the I/O Settings window appears.