Is the Suzuki Swift a reliable car?

Is the Suzuki Swift a reliable car?

As a manufacturer Suzuki generally scores well for reliability and in the 2016 Driver Power Survey the Swift was among the top 20 most reliable cars. All of which is backed up by owners who report very few problems with their cars.

What is the difference between Suzuki Swift GL and GLX?

GA and GL models have drum brakes on the rear, while the GLX adds four-wheel discs. And the GLX gets reach as well as tilt adjustment for the steering wheel.

What is Suzuki Swift GLX?

About the 2022 Suzuki Swift GLX TURBO The 2022 Suzuki Swift GLX TURBO is a front-wheel drive five-door hatchback that was released to the Australian market on 01/07/2020 classified as a AZ SERIES II. The Swift is regarded as a light car built in Japan with prices starting at $28,790 before on-road costs.

How long will a Suzuki Swift engine last?

The petrol variant has an engine span of 200,000kms or 10 years and the diesel variant has a span of 400,000kms or 15 years. Do not forget that an engine life isn’t only factored by age and mileage but also timely maintenance as per the manufacturers recommendations.

Are Suzuki Swifts expensive to fix?

This is due to insurance experts rating the Swift as more expensive to repair than its rivals; young drivers in particular are urged to seek an insurance quote before choosing the Swift.

What problems does a Suzuki Swift have?

8 Common Suzuki Swift Engine Problems

  • Clutch slipping.
  • Excessive oil consumption.
  • Loss of power.
  • Oil leak.
  • Diesel injector failure.
  • Timing chain failure – 1.3 Diesel.
  • Camshaft snapped – 1.3 Diesel.
  • EGR valve fault – 1.3 Diesel.

What does GLX mean?


Acronym Definition
GLX Grand Luxe Extra
GLX Open Graphics Library Extension
GLX Opengl Extension to the X Window System
GLX Grand Luxury

Is a Suzuki Swift a good car NZ?

The Suzuki Swift is easily a contender for New Zealand’s most prolific small hatch. Since the familiar flat-roofed hatch arrived in 2004, the Swift built a reputation of being a reliable, charismatic, small hatchback. Its subsequent popularity saw the model becoming a staple mainstay in New Zealand’s vehicle landscape.

How much should I pay for a Suzuki Swift?

The Swift GL (qld) starts off at $20,890, while the range-topping, Swift Sport Navi Turbo is priced at $32,990….Suzuki Swift Pricing and Specs.

Year Price From Price To
2020 $12,200 $29,040
2019 $9,800 $27,390
2018 $8,800 $25,190
2017 $7,700 $18,920

Is Suzuki Swift good for long drive?

1 Answers: Driving Swift is pretty smooth and easy. The high head room and leg space, good upholstery of the driving seats encourages for long time seating during long drives.

How reliable is Suzuki?

Suzuki scored a reliability index of just 50, which is well above the industry average of 118.

What kind of engine does a Suzuki Swift have?

Suzuki introduced the third-gen Swift (codename ZC72S) in 2010 with an extended wheelbase – 50 mm longer than the previous Swift – and several styling upgrades. The new generation came with a 1.2-liter VVT petrol unit good for 92 hp, while for some markets the hatchback uses a 1.4-liter VVT petrol engine with 95 hp.

Are Suzuki Swifts worth anything in Australia?

Suzuki Swift was a big seller in Australia in the 1980s and ’90s, but was inexplicably discontinued in 2000. Realising they had made a mistake, the importers introduced an all-new Swift in February 2005. The older Swifts, which incidentally were also imported by Holden and badged as Barinas are also worth a

Does the Suzuki Swift look like the model it replaced?

When you look at the Suzuki Swift launched here in 2007, you might be thinking that it looks rather like the model it replaced. Line them up side by side and you can see some detail differences, but in isolation, the new car looks very similar to the one it replaced after just a couple of years.

How safe is the Suzuki Swift hatchback?

Suzuki’s Swift hatchback bagged five stars after being tested by Euro NCAP. Adult occupant protection was rated at 94%, child protection scored 82% while safety assist stands at 71%, although pedestrian protection could have been better than 61%.