Is the public historian peer-reviewed?

Is the public historian peer-reviewed?

Research articles, essays, and reports from the field are subject to blind peer review, and revisions will be suggested, if necessary, before the editors will accept an article for publication. In general, only manuscripts not previously published will be accepted.

What is meant by public history?

Public history is the use of historical skills and methods outside of the traditional academic realm of history. Public historians use their training to meet the needs of the community-the public-whether that community is defined as a city, a neighborhood, a business, or a historical society.

What is public history jstor?

IN ITS SIMPLEST MEANING, Public History refers to the employment. of historians and the historical method outside of academia: in. government, private corporations, the media, historical societies. and museums, even in private practice.

How do I find historical journals?

Best Databases for History

  1. JSTOR. Full-text access to the archives of 2,600+ journals and 35,000+ books in the arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences.
  2. Project MUSE. Full-text access to scholarly journals and e-books published by over 120 scholarly societies and university presses.
  3. U-M Library Articles Search.

What is an example of public history?

History in Public Places Ranging from government buildings to history museums to artifacts like Civil War cannons propped up in parks, these artifacts are excellent examples of public histories, helping to educate everyday people about their shared past.

What is good public history?

Quality of the historical scholarship underpinning your work: a key aspect of good public history is that it shows just the same level of accurate, nuanced and sophisticated historical knowledge as any scholarly work. So you will have to research your topic just the way you would a long essay assignment.

Why is public history powerful?

Because public history meets people where they are and affects how they make sense of their lives, it is a field complicated by public memory, emotional investments, and competing group aims. All of this makes the work thrilling and satisfying, but also vexing, time-intensive, and difficult.

How can I access journals for free?

5 free and legal ways to get the full text of research articles

  1. Use your library if you have one!
  2. Open Access browser extensions.
  3. Google Scholar.
  4. Researcher platforms.
  5. Write to the author.
  6. A nearby university library might offer access to articles even if you do not work or study there.
  7. Try your public library.
  8. Research4Life.

Where can I find journal articles online for free?

The Top 21 Free Online Journal and Research Databases

  1. CORE.
  2. ScienceOpen.
  3. Directory of Open Access Journals.
  4. Education Resources Information Center.
  5. arXiv e-Print Archive.
  6. Social Science Research Network.
  7. Public Library of Science.
  8. OpenDOAR.

What is good Public History?

What is the value of Public History?

What is an example of Public History?

What is the public historian?

Since 1978, The Public Historianhas made its mark as the definitive voice of the public history profession, providing historians with the latest scholarship and applications from the field. The Public Historianpublishes the results of scholarly research and case studies and addresses the broad substantive and theoretical issues in the field.

What do we publish in public and public history?

We also publish scholarly contributions on history-related matters from other disciplines. The journal aims to engage academic historians more fully with the concerns of the public and public history work and seeks to articulate creative tensions between theory and practice.

What areas of Public History does the journal cover?

Areas of public history covered in the journal include public policy and policy analysis; federal, state, and local history; historic preservation; oral history; museum and historical administration; documentation and information services; corporate biography; exhibition, interpretation, and public engagement, and public history education.

What is Public History Review?

Public History Review is a peer reviewed journal investigating the nature and forms of public history: how and to whom is the past communicated and how does the past operate in the present?