Is PRTG trustworthy?

Is PRTG trustworthy?

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor Specs If you can get past the licensing scheme, this is an excellent management platform that’s squarely designed for IT professionals who know not only what they’re doing but also what they’re managing.

Is Paessler PRTG free?

PRTG 100 is available for both personal and commercial use for free, but is limited to monitoring 100 sensors. If you want to monitor more sensors, you need one of the Commercial Editions. Our licensing model is based on the number of sensors and core server installations.

What does Paessler PRTG do?

PRTG is a network monitoring tool that helps you to ensure that your computer systems are running smoothly and that no outages occur. Network monitoring is also important to increase the efficiency of your network by knowing bandwidth and resource consumption.

What is PRTG stands for?


Acronym Definition
PRTG Paessler Router Traffic Grapher
PRTG Pseudo-Random Test Generator

What can I do with PRTG?

PRTG is a powerful and easy-to-use solution, which is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

  1. Cloud Monitoring.
  2. Bandwidth Monitor.
  3. Website Monitoring.
  4. Uptime Monitoring.
  5. Network Traffic Analyzer.
  6. Ping Monitoring.
  7. SQL Server Monitoring.
  8. REST API Monitoring.

How does a Paessler work?

When you use a sensor with this technology, PRTG sends small data packets to a device, which in turn trigger reply packets. Compared to other bandwidth monitoring technologies via World Wide Name (WWN), packet sniffing, or Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), the SNMP option creates the least CPU and network load.

Who owns PRTG network?

Paessler AG
PRTG (Paessler Router Traffic Grapher until version 7) is an agentless network monitoring software from Paessler AG.

What is the meaning of Mrtg?

Multi Router Traffic Grapher
The Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) is free software for monitoring and measuring the traffic load on network links. It allows the user to see traffic load on a network over time in graphical form.

Where are PRTG credentials stored?

Downloaded software versions are automatically saved in the PRTG program directory in the \download subfolder. The prtg. zip that contains all necessary files is also cached in this folder.