Is phone allowed in Dehradun Defence Academy?

Is phone allowed in Dehradun Defence Academy?

For the first time in the history of the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, ‘Gentlemen Cadets’ will be allowed to keep mobile phones. They will also get Internet access in their rooms. Rahul Singh reports.

Where is National Defence Academy situated?

The National Defence Academy (NDA) is a joint services training Academy of the Indian Armed Forces. The NDA is located at Khadakwasla near Pune, Maharastra. It is the first tri-services training Academey in the world.

What is the fees of Dehradun Defence Academy?


Foundation 11th (Rs.3,20,000/-) 2nd Installment Rs 1,00,000 (between 01-10 Dec)
Foundation 12th (Rs.3,30,000/-) Rs 1,30,000/- During admission (between 1-10 Jul)
1st Installment Rs 1,00,000 (between 01-10 Oct)

What is the monthly fees of national Defence Academy?

Fee Structure

S.No. Course Name Fees
14. Indian Airforce (Group – “X” / Group – “Y”) Rs. 23,500 Rs. 35,500
15. Indian Navy (AA/SSR) Rs 23,500 Rs. 35,500
16. NDA Foundation Course 1.92 Lakh/Year
Minimum Duration of Coaching: 01 Year Fee: Rs.40,000/-

Can I use internet in NDA?

The library also has internet facility and cadets can browse the internet through here. The academy gives a laptop to every cadet at the NDA, which honestly, are not functional in the truest sense. The academy provides a LAN connection in every room, though most of the websites are blocked by the academy.

Is Whatsapp allowed in NDA?

NDA stands for National Defense Academy, formally known as NDA which is the Joint Service Academy for the Indian Armed Forces….Rules:-

City ‘s Name NDA
Odisha Nda

Can I join NDA after 12th?

Only male candidates in the age group 16.5-19.5 can join NDA after the 12th. Those who successfully apply for UPSC NDA will have to appear in the NDA exam and qualify for it. Post qualifying in the NDA candidates will have to go through a course for the initial 3 years.

Can girls join NDA?

With the latest announcement by the Supreme Court of India, girls and women are now allowed to take the NDA exam in an interim order issued on August 18, 2021. Academic qualification, age, marital standards are expected to remain the same for both male and female candidates in NDA.

Do we get salary during NDA training?

What is the NDA salary paid to the Cadets during the training period? Ans. The NDA salary offered to candidates during the training session at the Defence training academies is Rs 56,100/ per month.

What is the age limit for NDA?

16.5 years and 19.5 years
To put it simply, candidates should be between the age of 16.5 years and 19.5 years to be eligible for the exam. Females and married male candidates are not eligible to apply for NDA Exam.

Can we have laptop in NDA?

No cadet is allowed to take laptops with them to the academy. You are not allowed to take mobile phones too.

What is NDA uniform?

List of Dress Uniforms Worn by NDA Cadets. Dress No 1/1A: This dress is used for ceremonial functions in winter, also known as Blue Patrol. Dress No 2/2A: This dress is used for ceremonial functions in summer also known as White Patrol.