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Is part time PhD allowed in India?

Is part time PhD allowed in India?

A part time Ph. D. in India is equally valid as full-time PhD programs provided it conforms to the rules and regulations of the degree-awarding university and the University Grant Commission. But as per the latest UGC circular PhD degrees obtained through distance education are no longer recognized by the UGC.

Can I do PhD in library science?

PhD in Library and Information Science is a 2-3 years full-time doctorate course which is the combination study of Library Science and Information Science.

Which university is best for part time PhD in India?

Top 10 Colleges for Part Time PhD India

  • Delhi Technological University.
  • Himalayan University.
  • IBS.
  • IIT Delhi.
  • IIT Kanpur.
  • Dr. BR Ambedkar University.
  • Andhra University.
  • Bharathiar University.

Who was the first PhD in library science in India?

DB Krishna Rao
1948 by University of Delhi. The first PhD in Library (and Information) Science was awarded by the same university in 1957 to DB Krishna Rao for his thesis ‘Facet Analysis and Depch Cfassification of Agricuture. ‘ Dr SR Ranganathan was his guide.

Who is eligible for part-time PhD?

Candidates must have a bachelor and master degree in any stream to be eligible for Part time PhD Admission. The candidate should have a minimum of one year work experience in any related field. The aspiring candidate should furnish a “consent & No objection certificate” from his/her parent organization.

Is a part-time PhD possible?

Yes, part time PhD programs do exist. Universities know that many people have packed schedules. To accommodate busy students, some schools give the option of part-time enrollment in PhD programs online or on-campus.

What is a PhD in library science?

Doctorate in Library Science A Ph. D. in Library Science empowers students to learn and analyze user information and preserve, organize, and manage materials and information to make them accessible knowledge sources.

What is a PhD in Information Science?

The PhD in Information Science is designed to develop skills and knowledge in two dimensions: First, the breadth that is necessary to understand the wide range of research methods and approaches common in interdisciplinary fields and, second, the depth of expertise to solve cutting-edge problems and advance scholarship …

Who is eligible for part time PhD?

Is part time PhD valid?

”PhD degrees which are pursued either full time or part time will be treated as degrees awarded through regular mode, provided these are in conformity with the existing statutes/ byelaws/ ordinances etc. However, the PhD acquired under distance mode is not permitted. ”

Who was awarded second Phd in library science?

S R D Ranganathan to B Krishna Rao in 1957. Two decades later, the second doctoral research degree was awarded by the Punjab University in 19772.

Who is the first PHD holder in India?

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was the first Indian to get a Doctorate (Ph. D.)