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Common questions

Is Panasonic Viera a Smart TV?

Is Panasonic Viera a Smart TV?

Viera (sometimes referred to as Viera Connect or VieraCast) is a Smart TV platform by Panasonic that makes it possible to stream multimedia content from the Internet directly into select Viera HDTVs and Blu-Ray players.

When was the Panasonic Viera made?

The first Viera HDTVs with Viera Cast, the TH-PZ850U series, appeared in May 2008. Panasonic introduced Netflix video streaming service and Skype to its Viera Cast line-up beginning with the 2010 model year. Panasonic TV’s with Viera Cast from the 2008 or 2009 model years are not able to access Netflix or Skype.

Can I connect my Panasonic VIERA TV to the Internet?

From the menu on the TV, select Setup and hit OK. Select Network settings. Select Wireless Network. Select a connection method and follow the directions on screen to complete setting.

Can Panasonic Viera Connect to INTERNET?

QUICK TIP: You can also connect wirelessly via these methods: WPS (push button): You can connect by pressing the Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) button on your wireless router. WPS (PIN): Set the PIN code that is displayed on the TV on the router’s interface.

Why don’t they make plasma TVs anymore?

By 2013, they had lost nearly all market share due to competition from low-cost LCDs and more expensive but high-contrast OLED flat-panel displays. Manufacturing of plasma displays for the United States retail market ended in 2014, and manufacturing for the Chinese market ended in 2016.

What is the lifespan of a Panasonic plasma TV?

100,000 hours
One manufacturer has claimed that its plasma TVs at least will last for over 42 years. Panasonic has stated that its 2008 line-up of 1080p Viera plasma HD TVs are “rated to last 100,000 hours” before reaching half their original brightness – the industry standard measure of screen longevity.

How many years does a Panasonic TV last?

From Panasonic : LESS WASTE – VIERA Plasma TVs are designed to provide a panel life of up to 100,000 hours, giving you up to 35 years of great entertainment.

Are Panasonic TVs better than Samsung?

More expensive 4K TVs are likely to be better at upscaling than some cheaper models. Sony and Samsung’s picture processors are considered to be the best at upscaling, but Panasonic is definitely a near runner-up.

When did Panasonic stop making Viera?

Once among the most popular TV makers in the World, Panasonic pulled out of the U.S. TV market in 2016.

What is the Panasonic Viera tc-p50s2 plasma HDTV?

Building on its award-winning 2009 Plasma line, Panasonic’s 50-inch VIERA TC-P50S2 Plasma HDTV features a new panel with NeoPDP technologies that provide the best balance of black and white under brighter environments while also offering higher energy efficiency.

What are the features of the Panasonic GT50?

The GT50 features 600Hz technology which allows for superb full-HD motion and still images. Panasonic uses unique image-analysis technology which allows for greater clarity with motion images. The GT50 also employs Neo Plasma Black 2500 FDD to provide a crisp image even when the content shows very fast motion.

Why choose a Panasonic plasma HDTV?

Panasonic’s Plasma HDTVs deliver all the bold contrast and vivid colors plasma can deliver, with the advanced features and design that Panasonic is known for. Compared to other types of displays, Plasma offers high contrast ratios, gorgeously saturated colors, and allows for wide viewing angles, so every seat in the house is a great one.

Does the Panasonic Viera have a clean Touch Bezel?

This model also includes Panasonic’s Clean Touch Bezel, which resists fingerprints to help keep the surface clean. Adhering to Panasonic’s commitment to the environment, this VIERA model–as well as all 2010 models–features improved power consumption and meets the new, more stringent Energy Star 4.0 requirements.