Is October a good time to visit Mauritius?

Is October a good time to visit Mauritius?

Thanks to its tropical climate, Mauritius enjoys toasty temperatures all year round, but October is the best time to visit the island for warmer and drier weather. The island is just heating up after the slightly cooler winter months, but it’s not yet humid and rainy.

Is November a good time to visit Mauritius?

In November the temperatures start to rise, as does the humidity. Gearing up for tropical summer rains, this month can be a real mixture. Some days may be more humid than others, but overall it’s still a good time to visit Mauritius.

Does it rain a lot in Mauritius in November?

The average high in Mauritius during November’s 29ºC, with evenings staying nice and warm at 20ºC. The sea temperature’s 25ºC, which is lovely for swimming, while humidity’s moderate. There’s 66mm of rain over 12 days, and you can look forward to 13 hours of daylight with eight hours of sunshine each day.

Is Mauritius hot in October?

October is one of the best times to visit Mauritius. It’s usually dry and very warm as it’s still very close to the summer season which lasts from November to May. The amount of sunshine in October is pretty constant with a maximum of eight hours per day.

What is Mauritius like in October?

The average high in Mauritius is 27ºC in October, with things cooling to a pleasant 18ºC at night. The sea temperature’s 24ºC, while humidity’s moderate. Average rainfall’s 50mm over three rainy days. You can count on 13 hours of daylight each day with eight hours of sunshine.

Is Mauritius windy in October?

October is the sunniest driest month of the year. Silver Beach is east and east is windier however – I visited the hotel a few years ago now and its location means that it does seem to catch the wind more often than other east coast resorts. That’s why you will see wind breaks on the beach.

Is Mauritius hot in November?

November is one of the best months to visit tropical Mauritius. It’s the start of the summer season and the weather is usually hot and dry.

Which side of Mauritius is best in October?

Re: October weather which side of island is best? Generally anywhere in the island is fine at that time of the year. Sunny weather in Mauritius is almost guaranteed, especially along the west coast. In fact, October generally has the least rain out of any month in Mauritius.

What is the wettest month in Mauritius?

The wettest months are February and March. The driest month is October. Mean summer rainfall (1904-2007) is 1409 mm, which is 67% of the annual amount over the Island.

What are the hottest months in Mauritius?

The hottest months are December to March with the cooler (though still warm) months June to August. The sea temperature is warm all year round, reaching 27 °C during summer which is 10 degrees warmer than the UK summer sea temperature.

Which is the best month to visit Mauritius?

May to December: The month of May marks the beginning of winter in Mauritius. These months are considered as the best time to visit Mauritius as the weather is mild and pleasant. During winters the maximum temperature on the island is 24 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature drops down to 18 degrees Celsius.

Is Mauritius cold in October?

Mauritius in October When asked what the best time to visit Mauritius is, locals will probably say October. Both land and sea temperatures continue to rise and the climate is largely dry. This warm and dry period coincides with the half term break making the island a fantastic time setting for a family holiday.