Is Ocean beach in Ibiza open?

Is Ocean beach in Ibiza open?

O Beach opens its doors on Friday the 22nd April 2022 for its soft opening (weekends only). Its Grand Opening Party will take place on Friday the 6th May 2022. The O Beach Closing Party takes place on Sunday the 16th October 2022….2019 Parties.

Monday Hed Kandi
Sunday Sin Sundays

Do you have to book for Ocean Beach?

DO I NEED A TICKET OR NEED TO PAY ENTRY TO ACCESS THE RESTAURANT? No, you will be able to book a table in the restaurant directly via our website. Please note this should be booked through our website in advance. Restaurant bookings at O Beach are based on a minimum spend agreement plus deposit agreement.

What time is Ocean Beach Ibiza open till?

Guests with lounger or bed bookings can enjoy the use of their beds from 1PM. When reserving on the Sunset Roof Terrace, you will be upgraded to another area in the venue in the event of this area closing earlier than programmed. Closing times can range from 21.00h to 22.00h depending on the day and time of year.

Who is the owner of Ocean Beach Ibiza?

An Ibiza mogul, and owner of some of the biggest and well-known hotels and restaurants across the White Isle, Tony Truman knows a thing or two about setting up businesses. After successfully opened Ocean Beach Ibiza a number of years ago, Tony has recently opened his latest venture Wiki Woo Hotel.

When did O Beach Ibiza open?

June 2012
Opened in June 2012, O Beach Ibiza (formerly Ocean Beach Ibiza) was instantly popular, successfully filling a gap in the market for San Antonio outdoor party venues by offering the kind of bubbly, poolside fun the west of the island had previously been lacking.

Who owns Ocean Bar in Ibiza?

The Ocean Beach Club is the creation of Wayne Lineker, 57, a celebrated nightspot owner around southern Spain and Ibiza. His son Duane – Gary’s nephew – is a director and partner in Ice Mountain Ibiza SL.

Does Ocean Beach have lockers?

The lockers are available in Ocean Beach are in the residential community of Ocean Beach. You’ll find the lockers in the side yard of a residential building. The lockers are self-service, so no need to interact with any staff to get shredding.

Will Ibiza clubs open in 2021?

Nightlife businesses on the island will welcome the news. Clubs have not been able to open in for a full season since 2019, and only a handful of clubs opened at all in the past two-and-a-half years after getting the go ahead in October, 2021.

Why is Ocean beach closed?

The Sand Nourishment project led by USACE involves the pumping of sand and use of heavy equipment on the beach. It is necessary to maintain a public closure of the project area to reasonably protect the public and employees during these activities.

Why is Ocean Beach closed?

What does Duane Lineker do?

Duane Lineker Having first worked running the Tenerife branch of the famous Linekers Bar chain, Duane now runs the popular Ocean Beach venue in Ibiza with his partner Megan. Duane co-founded the Ocean Beach club with his businessman dad, and two of Wayne’s younger sons also work in his venues.

When does O Beach Ibiza open?

O Beach opened its doors on Monday the 7th June 2021. For now, only beds can be booked, but day tickets will be available soon. Where is O Beach Ibiza? O Beach is located on Carrer des Molí in San Antonio.

Why stay at O Beach Ibiza?

At O Beach Ibiza all the action is focused around our 600m2 swimming pool. So sit back and unwind on one of our many day beds and listen to the Balearic beats made famous by the island with local, international and headline artists as well as visually inspiring entertainments.

Which Ibiza island has the best pool parties?

O Beach Ibiza (formerly Ocean Beach) celebrates its 7th birthday this season, and has proved time and time again that it consistently offers the best daily pool parties on the island throughout the summer in San Antonio. O Beach is about good times, great music, and a VIP experience at the most affordable prices you will find on the island.

What to drink at O Beach Ibiza?

Whether it’s a brunch Bellini, a sunset Martini or a something unique from our premium gin bar it’s the perfect way way to dip you toe into O Beach Ibiza without diving into the party.