Is Nezha any good Warframe?

Is Nezha any good Warframe?

Overall, Nezha is a strong warframe. He is very tough, his crowd controlling abilty is good, he can do moderate to amazing damage with his chakram augment, and is extremely fast. Nezha can basically do whatever he wants, and enemies can do absolutely nothing about it.

Is Nezha vaulted?

Prime Items Entering the Vault: Nezha may have hurled his last Divine Spear but there’s a booming bassline on the horizon, Tenno! Octavia Prime Access begins February 23.

Can you still get Nezha prime?

Gotta go fast. Nezha Prime has been released for Warframe, which means Nezha Prime Relics are now in the game and can be farmed by completing various missions and activities.

Is Nezha good for solo?

With his abilities alone, Nezha is powerful and if you add good gear to go with him, then you have one powerful solo or team playing Warframe.

Why is Nezha good?

Nezha is excellent for solo play, imo. His Ward can absorb damage similar to Rhino’s Iron Skin, and the Spears are great for snaring more enemies to take extra damage. Fire Walk is useful also for some extra AOE when running around enemies, and you can use Chakram to insta teleport as needed.

Is Nezha prime worth getting?

Nezha prime | Fandom. Both prime access packages are good value as far as normal plat costs go. The boosters in the accessory are really nice, and the cosmetics are exclusive.

Is Nezha a guy?

Nezha is a BOY, his design is based on an ACTUAL CHINESE DIETY (the third lotus prince).

What should I build for Nezha?

The Best Nezha Prime Builds

  • Damage Spears Nezha Prime Build.
  • Nezha Crowd Control Spears Build.
  • Tanky Halo Nezha Build.
  • Fire Walker Nezha Build.

Is Nezha evil?

Though supposedly-born evil, Ne Zha chooses to sacrifice himself to save the villagers from death. By doing so, he grows into a hero instead of fitting into his doomed destiny. Other characters have been adapted with a modern point of view as well.

When did Nezha come out Warframe?

October 27, 2020
Nezha Prime is the first Warframe to be showcased in-game to players via the Tenno Relay diorama showroom before his full release, on October 27, 2020.

Is Nezha prime good?

Nezha is a very unique Warframe in the sense that he does have a good mix of tank-ability, damage and crowd control. All of that combined gives you a lot of different approaches to this Warframe, so feel free to try out our different builds or simply find one that fits your needs.