Is nature Prophet Offlane?

Is nature Prophet Offlane?

Nature’s Prophet can also be played as an offlaner, as he can disrupt creep equilibrium by using Nature’s Call.

Why is nature’s prophet win rate so low?

That extremely low win rate extends to every skill bracket, dropping lowest in Divine and Immortal to 40.2%. His best bracket is Ancient, where he wins just 42.5% of matches. One reason for Nature’s Prophet’s decline is the Dota 2 metagame shifting towards map mobility and wave control.

Who is the best Nature’s Prophet player?

Nature’s ProphetPlayer Rankings

Rank Player Hero Score
1st 5 15 days ago 6,417
2nd Speeed 7 days ago 6,174
3rd terra 15 days ago 6,065
4th PSG.LGD.Faith_bian 5 days ago 6,027

What Lane is nature prophet?

Nature’s ProphetRanged, Carry, Escape, Jungler, Nuker, Pusher

Lane Presence Win Rate
Off Lane 37.86% 44.71%
Jungle 36.86% 41.47%
Safe Lane 10.67% 42.78%
Roaming 8.09% 41.91%

Can Nature’s Prophet support?

Recently, there’s been a rise in support Nature’s Prophet picks in Dota 2 pro tournaments. Although the hero has historically been a core — chiefly an offlaner — he has recently been filling the support role, too.

How do you stop nature’s prophet?

Storm Spirit

  1. Just like Batrider, his. Ball Lightning can be used to clear Nature’s Prophet’s treants and easily destroys Sprout.
  2. Electric Vortex prevents Nature’s Prophet’s escaping from Teleportation.

What is backdoor protection Dota 2?

Backdoor Protection[edit] Backdoor protection activates when there are no attacking allied creeps within a 900 radius of the enemy tower. If there are allied creeps nearby, backdoor protection is disabled and the tower remains vulnerable for 15 seconds after the last creep dies.

Who counters Nature’s Prophet?

Nature’s ProphetCounters

Hero Dis. Matches Played
Spectre 3.87% 6,289
Broodmother 2.81% 1,326
Phantom Assassin 2.63% 20,589
Spirit Breaker 2.57% 15,555