Is Nana completed?

Is Nana completed?

NANA is back! The hit manga series by Ai Yazawa (Paradise Kiss, Princess Ai) was adapted into a TV anime by Madhouse from 2006 to 2007, and now the complete series is returning in glorious HD thanks to a license rescue by Sentai Filmworks.

How old is Reina in Nana?

Reira Serizawa Reira is Trapnest’s 22-year-old vocalist and lyricist.

Do Nana and Hachi reunite?

Hachi is heading to Tokyo to meet up with her boyfriend Shouji and her two friends Junko and Kyousuke. On the train, she meets Nana, and the two soon form a bond. This is much like the first half of the prologue, only in detailed form. Nana and Hachi meet once again.

Is Nana and Nana canon?

Despite differences, both Komatsu and Osaki become best friends after meeting each other “by fate” in the series’ first episode, and throughout the series and its abundance of heterosexual relationships between both Nana characters, their friends and relatives, “NANA,” like other constituents of the Japanese anime …

Is there a season 2 of Nana?

NANA Season 2 (2006-2007)


Nana prides herself on being a lone wolf despite her close relationships and dependence on her bandmates, her boyfriend Ren, and Hachi, and struggles to reconcile her self-image with her bonds.

Does NANA have a kid?

In future sequences, Nana K. is already a mother to a daughter named Satsuki Ichinose and a son named Ren Ichinose. Satsuki is a six-year-old child and Ren is her brother (since she refers to him as “Onii-chan,” meaning older brother in Japanese which can also be used for older twin brother).

Is Nana an LGBT anime?

Sister Nana (シスターナナ) is a lesbian character from Magical Girl Raising Project.

Is the author of Nana dead?

Ai Yazawa (矢沢あい Yazawa Ai, born March 7, 1967 in Osaka, Japan) is the pen name of the creator of Nana, Paradise Kiss, Kagen no Tsuki, Gokinjo Monogatari, and Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai as well as many other smaller works….

Ai Yazawa
Born March 7, 1967 Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan
Occupations Manga artist