Is Mundo mid lane?

Is Mundo mid lane?

Dr. Mundo Build 12.4 ranks as an B-Tier pick for the Top Lane role in Season 12.

What Lane does Mundo play?

top lane
Dr. Mundo is a tanky top lane champion who is most commonly picked against teams which deal heavy magic damage (consisting of an AP top laner and mid laner).

Does Mundo do more AP or AD?

Mundo’s E is Blunt Force Trauma. Passive: Mundo gains bonus AD, plus additional AD depending on his missing health. When he activates this ability, he empowers his next ability, gaining range and dealing additional damage.

Is Mundo strong early?

Dr. Mundo has a weak early game but since you are playing him in the jungle you can neglect the early phase.

Can you play Mundo mid?

Mundo can pretty much make the Aurelion Sol not be allowed to play the game, and bully him out of lane.

What Lane is new mundo?

Dr Mundo’s rework is finally here on League of Legends patch 11.12, and the Madman of Zaun is looking as glorious as ever. Once a lost scientist on Summoner’s Rift, Dr Mundo now firmly has a home in both the jungle and the top lane.

What type of Jungler is mundo?

tank jungler
Dr Mundo is a tank jungler that loves to get in the enemies faces and take a lot of damage. He has one of the fastest jungle clears which makes him strong at all stages of the game.

Is Mundo getting a rework?

The Dr Mundo rework is dropping on League of Legends patch 11.12, which is set to go live on June 9. The Mundo VGU will be available for testing on the PBE across the next two weeks.

Is Mundo late game?

Now Mundo is a champion that becomes basically unkillable late game, able to build basically straight tank and deal damage through his empowered AA with E and his max health Q. But, the graph above shows the opposite, he is really strong early and trends off quite significantly late game.

Is Mundo a good pick?

Despite being a fast-clearing tank jungler in a meta that favors that champion archetype, Mundo is hard to pick for two reasons. He entirely lacks hard CC to lock down targets and peel for his team, and he relies heavily on healing in a meta where Grevious Wounds is easy to buy.

Is Mundo good LoL?

Mundo is one of the classic “stat-check” champions in League of Legends. His kit is so linear that when he is strong, it’s purely because his numbers are out of tune or there are other external circumstances (like items or runes) that make him strong.

Does Mundo scale with AP?

It doesn’t scale with anything but magic penetration gives it a great potential. If your target has 2.000 HP your magic damage is 500, which is a hard hit, even the minimum 280 damage is respectable.