Is Malaysia a Chevening-eligible country?

Is Malaysia a Chevening-eligible country?

41 Malaysians have been awarded the UK government’s prestigious Chevening scholarship to pursue their postgraduate studies in the UK in the 2021/22 academic year.

How much is the monthly stipend for Chevening?

a monthly personal living allowance (stipend) to cover accommodation and living expenses. The monthly stipend will depend on whether you are studying inside or outside London. It is currently £917 per month outside London and £1134 per month inside London (subject to annual review).

Are you a citizen of a Chevening-eligible country?

To be eligible for a Chevening Fellowship you must: Be a citizen of a fellowship-eligible country or territory. Demonstrate the potential to rise to a position of leadership and influence. Demonstrate the personal, intellectual and interpersonal attributes reflecting this potential.

Can I stay in UK after Chevening?

Can I apply for the Graduate route visa and stay in the UK at the end of my course? No, Chevening Scholars cannot apply for a Graduate route visa. When you accept a Chevening Award, you agree to return home for two years at the end of your scholarship.

Is Kenya a Chevening-eligible country?

Congratulations to our 34 Kenyan Chevening scholars, who are heading to the UK for this academic year (2019/20)! This is the highest number of awards for Kenya since the scholarship scheme began in 1983. A total of 1,709 applications were submitted in Kenya, of which 1,391 (82%) were eligible.

Is Pakistan a Chevening-eligible country?

Eligibility Criteria Be a citizen of a Chevening-eligible country (Pakistani citizens are eligible) Return to your country of citizenship for a minimum of two years after your scholarship has ended. Have an undergraduate degree that will enable you to gain entry to a post-graduate programme at a UK university.

Do I have to go back to my country after Chevening Scholarship?

a) You must return home for a period of at least two years following the completion of your Scholarship. The Secretariat is unable to provide any letter of support which might be required to enable a Scholar to stay on to work or study in the UK.

Is it hard to get a Chevening Scholarship?

The acceptance rate for the Chevening Scholarship is around 2%. To put it in other words, it is highly competitive! For example, in 2018–2019, for the 63 000 applicants, only 1 800 will be awarded the scholarship.

Which countries are eligible for Chevening Scholarship?

Find awards in your country or territory

  • Afghanistan (Chevening Scholarship)
  • Albania (Chevening Scholarship)
  • Algeria (Chevening Scholarship)
  • Angola (Chevening Scholarship)
  • Anguilla (Chevening Scholarship)
  • Antigua and Barbuda (Chevening Scholarship)
  • Argentina (Chevening Scholarship)
  • Armenia (Chevening Scholarship)

What is Chevening eligible countries?

What are the countries eligible for the Chevening Scholarship Program?

Australia Brazil
Egypt India
Indonesia Mexico
Nepal Pakistan
South Korea Thailand

Can I go to another country after Chevening?

b) Once you have arrived in the UK, you must remain there (except for authorised absences) during your award period. c) You are not permitted to be outside of the UK for either academic or personal reasons for more than 60 days throughout the entire period of your award, or for more than 30 days in any one year.

Is Pakistan a Chevening eligible country?