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Is Jason Scott Lee Chinese?

Is Jason Scott Lee Chinese?

Of Hawaiian and Chinese descent, Jason Scott Lee was born in Los Angeles, California, but raised in Hawaii from the age of two.

Is Jason Lee Italian?

Jason Lee: I was raised in Stockton by a single mother, who was Italian. My father was Black. He was already married to his wife, so I was a product of a single-parent household.

Who are Jason’s parents?

Greg Lee
Carol Lee
Jason Lee/Parents

What is Jason Scott Lee’s nationality?

AmericanJason Scott Lee / Nationality

Are Brandon Lee and Jason Lee related?

Brandon Lee died at 28 in 1993 after he was shot accidentally during production of The Crow. Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, directed Rob Cohen, is a biographical drama about the life of Bruce Lee, which ultimately stared Jason Scott Lee (no relation) in the title role.

Was Jason Lee a pro skateboarder?

Skateboarding. Lee was a professional skateboarder in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In 1992, he founded Stereo Sound Agency, known as Stereo Skateboards, with fellow skater Chris “Dune” Pastras. In 2003, after it had been defunct for a few years, the pair successfully revived the company.

Does Jason Lee own a restaurant?

He also enjoys photography, and is a co-owner of the restaurant Barley and Board.

How good of a skateboarder was Jason Lee?

Jason was generations ahead of his time, had a bag of tricks no one could touch, and possessed arguably one of the best styles skateboarding has ever seen. Jason would leave jaws dropped everywhere he went with trademark tricks like his kickflips to tailslides, backside flips, and the best 360 flips in the business.

Does Jason Lee still own stereo?

A former professional skateboarder, Lee is the co-founder and co-owner of Stereo Skateboards, founding the company in 1992 with fellow skateboarder Chris “Dune” Pastras. Since 1992, Stereo manufactures and distributes skateboard decks, equipment and apparel, as well as producing skate videos.