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Is innohep the same as heparin?

Is innohep the same as heparin?

Tinzaparin is known as a “blood thinner” (anticoagulant). It is a type of heparin called low-molecular-weight heparin.

How do you inject an innohep?

Hold a fold of skin gently between your thumb and index finger. to hold the skin. Slowly push the plunger all the way down and inject innohep® into the fatty tissue of the skin. release the skin fold.

Why is tinzaparin given subcutaneously?

To prevent blood clots forming in your veins Tinzaparin must be injected under the skin (subcutaneous injection). The dose and the length of your treatment will depend on the type of operation or illness you are having.

Does tinzaparin need to be kept in fridge?

Tinzaparin does not require refrigeration and can be kept at room temperature. Once opened, the bottle can be used for 30 days only.

What happens if you inject innohep into muscle?

This medicine must not be injected into your muscles. You should not receive any other injections into your muscles while using innohep as you may bruise. Your doctor may take a blood test before you start having this medicine, and while you are having it.

How long does innohep take to work?

The pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamic activity of tinzaparin sodium is monitored by anti-Factor Xa activity. Tinzaparin sodium has a bioavailability of around 90% following a subcutaneous injection. The absorption half-life is 200 minutes, peak plasma activity being observed after 4 to 6 hours.

What happens if innohep is injected into muscle?

Does innohep affect INR?

Adult Dosage As INNOHEP® (tinzaparin) may theoretically affect the PT/INR, patients receiving both INNOHEP® (tinzaparin) and warfarin should have blood for PT/INR determination drawn just prior to the next scheduled dose of INNOHEP® (tinzaparin) .

Are heparin and tinzaparin the same?

The authors recommend the use of tinzaparin as an alternative to standard heparin. It offers more advantages, such as suitability for once-daily dosing, longer half-life and a higher bioavailability when injected subcutaneously.

When is the best time to inject tinzaparin?

You need to have your injection at around the same time every day, within a two-hour timeframe. So if you start your injections at 10am on the first day, you can have your injection between the hours of 9am and 11am on the following days.

Does tinzaparin cause low platelets?

Thrombocytopenia. In clinical studies thrombocytopenia was identified in 1% of patients treated with INNOHEP® (tinzaparin) . Severe thrombocytopenia (platelet count < 50,000/mm³) occurred in 0.13% (see WARNINGS, Thrombocytopenia).