Is Ifric 4 still applicable?

Is Ifric 4 still applicable?

Note: IFRIC 4 will be superseded by IFRS 16 Leases as of 1 January 2019.

Can you still use IAS 17?

The new – and hopefully improved – lease accounting standard from the International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) changes the way leases affect reported financial metrics as IAS 17 is replaced by IFRS 16.

Does IFRS 16 replace Ifric 4?

IFRS 16 replaces IAS 17, IFRIC 4, SIC‑15 and SIC‑27. IFRS 16 sets out the principles for the recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosure of leases.

How do you disclose operating lease commitments?

For operating leases, the lessee should disclose the payments which he is committed to make during the next year, analysed between those in which the commitment expires within that year, in the second to fifth years inclusive and over five years from the balance sheet date, showing separately the commitments in respect …

What is the purpose of the IFRIC?

1 The International Financial Reporting Interpretations Committee (IFRIC) is a committee of the IASB that assists the IASB in establishing and improving standards of financial accounting and reporting for the benefit of users, preparers and auditors of financial statements.

What is IFRIC accounting?

IFRIC (IFRS Interpretations Committee) is the interpretative body of the IFRS Foundation. Its mandate is to review on a timely basis widespread accounting issues that have arisen within the context of current International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs).

What was the problem with IAS 17?

IAS 17 has been criticised for not reflecting economic reality. Well-known examples include fleets of aircraft or rolling stock that do not meet the criteria for recognition as assets and liabilities by the lessee, and for which a lack of detailed disclosure is required in financial statements.

Is 17 a lease?

17 For a lease of land and buildings in which the amount that would initially be recognised for the land element, in accordance with paragraph 20, is immaterial, the land and buildings may be treated as a single unit for the purpose of lease classification and classified as a finance or operating lease in accordance …

What is the purpose of IFRS 17?

The aim of IFRS 17 is to standardise insurance accounting globally to improve comparability and increase transparency, and to provide users of accounts with the information they need to meaningfully understand the insurer’s financial position, performance and risk exposure.

What is lease according to IAS 17?

IAS 17, Leases takes the concept of substance over form and applies it to the specific accounting area of leases. When applying this concept, it is often deemed necessary to account for the substance of a transaction – ie its commercial reality, rather than its strict legal form.

What is operating lease commitment?

An operating lease is a contract that permits the use of an asset without transferring the ownership rights of said asset. GAAP rules govern accounting for operating leases. A new FASB rule, effective Dec. 15, 2018, requires that all leases 12 months and longer must be recognized on the balance sheet.

What are the disclosure requirements for leases?


  • A general description of those leases.
  • The basis and terms and conditions on which variable lease payments are determined.
  • The existence and terms and conditions of options to extend or terminate the lease.
  • The existence and terms and conditions of residual value guarantees provided by the lessee.