Is German University in Cairo accredited in Germany?

Is German University in Cairo accredited in Germany?

The study programs are designed according to German standards and are accredited in Egypt and Germany (by ACQUIN). Far more than 10,000 students are enrolled at GUC, which has become the largest transnational education institute from the German perspective. GUC is located in the Southeast of Cairo.

Is the German University in Cairo good?

German University in Cairo is ranked 1201 in World University Rankings by Times Higher Education and has an overall score of 4.5 stars, according to student reviews on Studyportals, the best place to find out how students rate their study and living experience at universities from all over the world.

What documents do you need to apply for university in Germany?

The usual documents you need for enrollment are:

  • Your passport with visa or residence permit.
  • Several passport photos.
  • Completed registration form.
  • Proof of higher education entrance qualification, either original certificates or officially certified copies and translations.
  • Notice of admission.

How do I contact Bue?

For inquiries, please contact the “Admission Centre” on the BUE Hotline number 19283 , Mobile Numbers: 01011296757 – 01000967735 – 01022243086 – 01012116166 – 01012112661 – 01012121772 HOW TO APPLY…

What makes GUC special?

It offers unique Student Exchange programs and a unique chance to get enrolled in research activities in Egypt and in Germany through School of Postgraduate studies and through extensive Research activities.

How do you become a TA in GUC?

TA’s ( Guc graduates )

  1. Original Birth Certificate.
  2. Copy (front & back) of the National ID Card/ or passport for non Egyptian students.
  3. Recent CV.
  4. Military status for male applicants.

How much time do German universities take to respond to applications?

Students can expect to receive a response within 4-6 weeks of the application deadline, be it July or January. If all goes well, they’ll have gained a place at the destination of their choice.

How many semesters are there in GUC?

This program consists of 8 semesters which take four years to complete.

Is GUC recognized?

Based on International standards GUC degrees are accredited by AQUIN. This accreditation supports international scholars and top ranked calibers in the international labor market.

What is the rank of Cairo university?

Cairo University 2021-2022 Ranking

Institution Name Cairo University
World Rank 546
National Rank 1
Quality of Education Rank
Alumni Employment Rank 1105

What is the ranking of GUC?

According to SCIMAGO Institutions Rankings, published recently, Cairo University ranks first in Egypt (521st globally) while The German University in Cairo (GUC) ranks second (569th globally), the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (EJUST) ranks third (584th globally).

Why is GUC a good University?

Excellent Learning Environment. Excellent learning environment fostering independent individuals with multicultural experience, developing creativity and originality in GUC students. State-of-the-art technologies and facilities are used in teaching, learning and research.