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Is Gene Anthony Ray still alive?

Is Gene Anthony Ray still alive?

November 14, 2003Gene Anthony Ray / Date of death

What happened to Gene Anthony?

Gene Anthony Ray, who starred as Leroy, a street-smart urban teenager, in the 1980 movie ”Fame” and the later television series, died on Friday in Manhattan. He was 41. The cause was complications of a stroke he had in June, and he was also H.I.V.

Who died from Fame TV show?

Veteran actor Morgan Stevens, best known for his roles in the iconic television series Fame and Melrose Place, has died. He was 70. As first reported by TMZ, Stevens was found dead at his home after a concerned neighbor called authorities to do a wellness check.

Who choreographed the movie Fame?

After Fame, Louis Falco continued to work as a commercial choreographer for several music videos and films.

What happened to Lee Curreri?

After Fame, Curreri turned his focus to the music industry. He started writing music for artists like Natalie Cole and composed for TV, film, and commercials. He also wrote music for Phil Perry.

How old is Debbie Allen?

72 years (January 16, 1950)Debbie Allen / Age

What happened to Doris in Fame?

Valerie Landsburg – Doris Schwartz Even though she has had a lot of other roles since Fame, it is still what people remember her for. She is married with two children and now has taken to the director’s chair.

What happened to Morgan Stevens?

Morgan Stevens, who rose to fame on shows such as “Melrose Place” and “Fame,” died in his Hollywood home of natural causes on Jan. 26. According to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, the cause was arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

What happened to Morgan Stevens actor?

Morgan Stevens, an actor best known for his role as the teacher David Reardon in the television series “Fame” and his recurring role on popular 1990s series “Melrose Place,” died Jan. 26 of heart disease at his home in Hollywood, according to the L.A. Coroner’s office. He was 70 years old.

Does Netflix have fame 1980?

Fame ( 1980 ) on Netflix A chronicle of the lives of several teenagers who attend a New York high school for students gifted in the performing arts.

Why is fame 1980 Rated R?

It’s generally clean when it comes to language and sexual content — and it’s much tamer than the R-rated 1980 movie it was based on. Storylines occasionally include secondary characters who have serious problems with drugs, alcohol, or violent crime or involve heavy themes like prostitution and debilitating disease.

Is Lee Curreri married?

Sherry DeanLee Curreri / Spouse (m. 2000)