Is Exile on Main Street overrated?

Is Exile on Main Street overrated?

Here’s the thing about Exile on Main St.: While it’s an excellent album and contains some of the band’s signature hits (“Tumbling Dice,” “Loving Cup,” “Shine a Light”) and some excellent deep cuts (“Rip This Joint,” “Casino Boogie”), it’s profoundly overrated — especially in the context of the rest of the Stones’ …

Why is Exile on Main Street so good?

In his book on Exile on Main St, Bill Janoviz, the American music writer and lead singer with Buffalo Tom, described it as “the greatest, most soulful, rock ‘n’ roll record ever made” because it seamlessly distills “perhaps all the essential elements of rock & roll up to 1971, if not beyond”.

Did Charlie Watts play on Exile on Main Street?

“Rocks Off,” the first track of the Rolling Stones’s Exile On Main Street, opens with a scratchy Keith Richards Telecaster riff punctuated by a single Charlie Watts snare hit. Mick Jagger lasciviously intones an “oh yeah,” pitched perfectly between earnestness and irony.

Why is it called Exile on Main Street?

Have a chat with either Onassis’s lot or Niarchos’s, who had the big yachts there. You could almost see the guns pointed at each other. That’s why we called it Exile On Main Street. When we first came up with the title it worked in American terms because everybody’s got a Main Street.

Is Exile on Main Street the best Rolling Stones album?

The 1972 classic is given a remaster and a deluxe reissue. Despite an absence of the band’s best-known songs, the sweaty, grimy Exile on Main St. has grown into the Rolling Stones’ most universally acclaimed record.

Where was Exile on Main St recorded?

Exile on Main St.
Recorded October 1970; 10 July 1971 – March 1972
Studio Olympic (London) Nellcôte (Villefranche-sur-Mer) Stargroves (Newbury) Sunset Sound (Los Angeles)
Genre Rock and roll hard rock
Length 67:07

Who are the people on Exile on Main Street?

The basic band for the Nellcôte sessions consisted of Richards, Keys, Mick Taylor, Charlie Watts, Nicky Hopkins, Miller (a skilled drummer in his own right who covered for the absent Watts on the aforementioned “Happy” and “Shine a Light”), and Jagger when he was available.

Did Bobby Keys play on Exile on Main Street?

The recording was completed with overdub sessions at Los Angeles’s Sunset Sound and included additional musicians such as pianist Nicky Hopkins, saxophonist Bobby Keys, drummer Jimmy Miller and horn player Jim Price….

Exile on Main St.
Recorded October 1970; 10 July 1971 – March 1972

Who played on Exile on Main Street?

the Rolling Stones
It’s nearly 40 years since the Rolling Stones fled to the French Riviera and recorded their masterpiece, Exile on Main St.

Why were the Rolling Stones in exile?

The Rolling Stones pitched up in the south of France in the spring of 1971 as reluctant tax exiles fleeing the Labour government’s punitive 93% tax on high earners.

Who mixed Exile On Main Street?

‘ Andy Johns is a world class sound engineer and record producer. On May 18th his work with The Rolling Stones on their 1972 “Exile on Main Street” album will be re-released in an expanded edition 2 CD-set on Universal Records.

Is Exile on Main Street a double album?

Exile on Main St. was first released on 12 May 1972 as a double album by Rolling Stones Records. It was the band’s tenth studio album released in the United Kingdom.