Is Christmas with the Coopers suitable for children?

Is Christmas with the Coopers suitable for children?

It’s rated PG, though, so for the most part it’s fine for kids around age 8 and older.

What is Love the Coopers rated?

PG-13Love the Coopers / MPAA rating

Is Ruby in love with Bucky in Love the Coopers?

Ruby has a special relationship with one of her customers, Bucky (Alan Arkin). It’s supposed to be a cute old man/young woman platonic relationship until suddenly it seems as if Ruby and Bucky may actually be in love.

Is Love the Coopers a good movie?

Love the Coopers is a disastrous holiday film, filled with false cheer and contrived drama meant to bring everyone together, but will only drive you away. April 5, 2019 | Rating: 1/5 | Full Review…

Why is love the Coopers PG 13?

The MPAA rated Love the Coopers PG-13 for thematic elements, language and some sexuality.

Is Christmas with the Coopers sad?

As they misbehave and lash out, it’s undeniably relatable, but it doesn’t quite inspire the warm fuzzies. Stylistically, the film piles on the Christmas trappings (the caroling is relentless) but is shot with a dim, dark style that shows how haggard and sad the Coopers are.

Why is Love the Coopers rated PG 13?

Is Love the Coopers on Netflix?

No, sorry. Love the Coopers isn’t on Netflix at the moment, and it’s not set to hit the streaming service in August.

Who narrated Love the Coopers?

Steve Martin
Who is Love the Coopers’ narrator, you ask? Why, it’s none other than Steve Martin.

Is Love the Coopers a sequel?

Diane Keaton’s character from ‘The Family Stone’ has come back to haunt a new family! Not since Charles Dickens in “A Christmas Carol” has one writer so boldly hinged an entire Christmas story on the spirit world, but that’s just what Steven Rogers’s done in his sequel to The Family Stone — Love the Coopers.

Why is love the Coopers rated PG 13?

What kind of dog is rags in love the Coopers?

Australian shepherd mix
Look for scenes of Pittsburgh as well as an adorable dog in the holiday movie “Love the Coopers.” Bolt, a St. Bernard-Australian shepherd mix, plays Rags, the family pet at a Christmas get-together.