Is BuzzFeed on YouTube?

Is BuzzFeed on YouTube?

BuzzFeedVideo is the main YouTube channel for American Internet news media company BuzzFeed. As of September 2020, the main Buzzfeed channel has over 20 million subscribers and over 16.9 billion total video views, making it the 70th most subscribed channel in the United States and 48th most viewed channel of all time.

What are the Top 10 YouTube topics?

Here we present our top 11 YouTube channel ideas, in no particular order.

  • Photography and Videography Channels.
  • Educational Channels.
  • Gaming Channels.
  • Vlogging Channels.
  • Tech Channels.
  • Fitness Channels.
  • Political Satire/News Channels.
  • Comedy Channels.

What are the most popular sites on YouTube?

The 15 Biggest YouTube Channels Right Now

  1. PewDiePie. Subscribers: 110 million.
  2. Kids Diana Show. Subscribers: 80.9 million.
  3. Like Nastya. Subscribers: 75.2 million.
  4. Vlad and Nikita. Subscribers: 69.8 million.
  5. MrBeast. Subscribers: 64.8 million.
  6. Dude Perfect. Subscribers: 56.4 million.
  7. JuegaGerman.
  8. HolaSoyGerman.

Which website is best for YouTube channel?

The best place to get YouTube subscribers is none other than Stormviews. This website has quickly risen in popularity and right now, it is one of the top options of many YouTube creators, and with good reason.

Who owns BuzzFeed?

BuzzFeed News

show Screenshot
Owner BuzzFeed
Key people Mark Schoofs (Editor-in-chief) Ben Smith (Former editor-in-chief)
Advertising Native

What sites promote YouTube videos?

Websites To Promote YouTube Videos

  • Twitter. First up is Twitter.
  • Tumblr. Tumblr, like Twitter, is mostly tag-based.
  • Facebook. Facebook functioned before tags, but now it, too, uses them.
  • Reddit. Last but certainly not least, there’s Reddit.