Is Aussie gold hunters real?

Is Aussie gold hunters real?

Aussie Gold Hunters is an Australian factual television show which follows crews of gold prospectors in Australia.

What metal detector do Aussie gold hunters use?

First Minelab is an Australian based company. Furthermore, in my opinion and that of almost everyone else with whom I am familiar, Minelab’s detectors, especially their GP series, such as the the 4500, 5000 and the 7000, will go deeper than any other detector on small nuggets.

Is there a metal detector for just gold?

There is no such thing a a metal detector that only finds gold. There is a good explanation for this and that reason is because when you are metal detecting for gold, you want to dig everything.

Can you buy a gold detector?

You need to narrow down which brand and model fits your needs and budget. Using quality gold metal detectors is not necessarily considered a cheap metal detecting hobby. Gold detectors range from $99.00-$7,999.00 and that’s a huge difference from low to high.

Is Aussie Gold Hunters coming back in 2021?

Discovery UK and Australia have ordered Seasons 7 & 8 of the hit series Aussie Gold Hunters from Western Australian production company Electric Pictures, just as Season 6 is about to launch in Australia on Thursday 29 April 2021.

Where is Alex stead now?

Alex said that now he spends most of the year in Australia, which is where he met his wife Julie.

Is Minelab Australian owned?

Codan was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2003 and expanded into military technology in 2006….Codan.

Type Public company (ASX:CDA)
Parent Codan Limited (communications)
Subsidiaries Minetec Pty Ltd (mining technology) Minelab Electronics Pty Ltd (metal detection)

Can a metal detector detect diamonds?

This leads to an important point: metal detectors will not detect non metal items such as gemstones, diamonds and pearls. What a metal detector can do is lead you to indicator minerals, which are used by prospectors. Prospectors follow the indicator trail back to gold or the volcanic pipe which may contain diamonds.

Can you find gold on the beach?

There are some pretty rich beach deposits out there though. In fact, some prospectors specialize in mining gold from beach sands. It is particularly rich at certain beaches in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska.

Which metal detector is best for finding gold?

7 Best Metal Detectors for Gold in 2022

  • Minelab GPZ 7000.
  • Minelab SDC 2300.
  • Minelab Goldmonster 1000.
  • Garrett AT Gold.
  • Nalanda MD056.
  • Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV.
  • Fisher Gold Bug-2.

How can you tell if gold is in the ground?

Lighter Colored Rocks: If you notice out-of-place colors in a group of rock formations, it can be a gold indicator. Acidic mineral solutions in gold areas can bleach the rocks to a lighter color. Presence of Quartz: Quartz is a common indicator that gold MAY be nearby.

How long is the gold prospecting season in Australia?

When Is Gold Prospecting Season In Australia? Due to Australian summers’ extreme heat and humidity, the prospecting season is mainly considered throughout March and December, with the best conditions being during April, May, September, and October. This timeline can change depending on the location of prospecting.