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Common questions

Is a Skwala a dry fly?

Is a Skwala a dry fly?

The skwala may not be one of our most prolific hatches but fishing large dry flies in cold weather can be tough to beat.

Is a Skwala a stonefly?

The “Skwala” is an olive colored stonefly that lives on a multi-year life cycle typically growing to maturity after 2-3 years as a nymph.

What flies to use on the Owyhee River?

Three Rivers Ranch’s Recommended Fly Patterns

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Rusty Spinner rusty 14-20
zebra midge black/red 16-22
Rojo Midge Black/Brown 18-22
Bead Head Woolly Bugger Streamer black, rust, olive 2-10

How big is a Skwala?

The Skwala is a size #8-#10 stonefly with an olive colored body.

Can you float the Owyhee river?

Owyhee River is truly remote, primitive, and wild. The only facilities are located at the put-in and take-out sites. Depending on the flow and section of river you choose to float there will be at least Class IV rapids, and there could be up to Class V+.

What does a WD 40 fly imitate?

The fly can be used to imitate a small Baetis / Blue Wing Olive or midge. The original fly pattern was tied with a gray body/thorax, but it can be tied in a variety of colors including olive, chocolate, black, tan, and red.

Do you need a permit to raft the Owyhee River?

Boater registration is mandatory for all boaters at the nearest authorized put-in facility prior to launch. If you launch above Three Forks, and there is no registration box, register at your take-out, or notify the Vale District Office or Rome Launch Site. Permits are not required for private parties.

Do you need a permit for the Owyhee River?

PERMIT—All parties launching on the Owyhee River System must complete and sign a Self-Issue Permit to be valid. The top copy goes in the registration box at the launch site before launch.

What is a zebra midge?

The Zebra Midge is a nymph that imitates midge pupae and/or emerging midges. Herein lies the first clue to how to fish them. The Zebra consists of nothing more than a size 16-24 shrimp/scud hook wrapped in colored thread and a copper or silver fine wire with a 2 or 3mm tungsten bead head of matching metallic finish.