If you don’t know how to begin: easy tips to write an introduction

Writing an essay is one of the most important skills, especially during studying. However, many people have difficulties in writing the introduction. It purses more than one thousand students, and our article will help you out of this list.

What is the importance of the introduction?

The main thing in any academic paper is beginning, where you can read a brief description of the article further. Secondly, writers have to interest the read including some eye-catching phrases or titles.

Also, the introduction provides background information on the problem you write, that’s why it’s important to outline your essay theme clearly. Although there are lots of academic writing papers, from common reviews to graduation works, in any case, you have to give a brief explanation of your further reasoning.

Where to begin?

If you know the structure of writing essays, the “white paper syndrome” will pursue you anyway.

We prepare some advice and cliché for you in such a case. There are several tips to draw attention to your article:

  • Before you start writing, you should prepare on the theme of your essay. If you know the problem well, you will explain it in brief to others.
  • You can start from the rhetoric question. It always works, so there is no wrong with that.
  • Also, include an interesting fact or statistical data, which can be interesting for anyone.

Well, you have done the first part of the essay introduction. The second thing you need to do – explain others about the theme that you are going to tell in an essay. Academic writing doesn’t allow informal language. Further, you can familiarize with some clichés with which it is possible to begin your essay:

  1. It goes without saying that people have different opinions about…/ We live in an age when many of us are…/To quote from N, …
  2. To understand the role of… this essay aims to provide a discussion of… / This essay seeks to investigate the impact of … in relation to…
  3. According to statistics, …/ As a fact, …

Of course, you can use all of those clichés, but you always have to remember: everything has a limit. Never write too many words in an introduction or you will not have enough time for the rest of the essay.

What mistakes can you do?

Many students get zero points for their writing jobs because of the substitution of the topic in the introduction part. So you need to prepare for the problem that you are going to write about. Do not choose the theme you cannot explain. In case you have no choice, turn to essay writing service, which can help you with any type of academic writing.

Also, students may not know the structure of the essay they will write. If you need a for-and-against essay, you will not write the research paper. Again, you can use essay writing service, or just use the Internet to learn structure.

Probably, there is no point in talking about grammatical or punctuation errors, but you should know those rules too.

As for the style of writing, most of the testing experts take only formal language. It means that you must not use abbreviations, such as WWF or the UN. The same goes for using an apostrophe – no “it’s”, “can’t”, etc. Only “it is” and “cannot”.

For Example

If you know the structure of the introduction well, let’s try to form your own beginning part. There are several essay examples, where you can use some phrases from them.

  1. It goes without saying that people have different opinions about learning Russian. Some people think the Russian language is easy to learn than English, but others disagree with them.
  2. Each of us was once a child. Some people consider childhood to be the safest part of our life, while others think it is not like that.
  3. Nowadays most people believe that only one person can be your best friend. However, there are others, who think that you can have more friends than one.

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