How to get Psycho Wand pso2?

How to get Psycho Wand pso2?

Psycho Wand may be obtained in the following ways:

  1. Dark Falz Elder (Lv. 46+)
  2. Client Order (Zieg)
  3. Collection File (Ray Rod)

Are PSO and pso2 in the same universe?

Nope, it’s in a different universe.

How do you unlock special weapons in pso2?

Unlocking Potentials Some ★7 or higher weapons have hidden “potentials” or special abilities which can be unlocked after grinding the weapon to +10. Each of these potentials has three levels with which it gains additional power. After unlocking a weapon’s potential, the grind level will reset to zero.

Is PSO2 a sequel to PSO?

It was created as a successor to Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe, Phantasy Star Online 2 features gameplay elements and aesthetics reminiscent of previous Phantasy Star games while incorporating a few unique twists on the formula. The first version was released for Windows in Japan in July 2012.

Is PSO2 a direct sequel?

The 2018 mobile title Idola: Phantasy Star Saga features elements of the Phantasy Star Online 2 universe and is a direct sequel to the hit game.

Where is the NPC shop in pso2?

The shop is located under the Store bar on the main menu with a picture of a shopping cart next to it.

What do I do with 13 star weapons PSO2?

(33 + 31) + (Bonus +30) = +35 Grind Cap….For example (Same Grind Caps)

  1. The weapon you wish to grind.
  2. Copy of the weapon you wish to grind.
  3. Copy of the weapon you wish to grind.
  4. Copy of the weapon you wish to grind.
  5. Copy of the weapon you wish to grind.
  6. Copy of the weapon you wish to grind.

Is New Genesis a new game?

In 2021, Sega released a massive, standalone game called PSO2 New Genesis that can transfer data over from the original. This update is set in the same universe, but with a new story and content.

Is New Genesis a sequel?

Existing somewhere between an expansion and full-blown sequel, New Genesis is a complete overhaul of PSO2—introducing completely new gameplay mechanics and a gorgeous visual overhaul. While technically a separate game, you’ll be able to transfer characters freely between NGS and old PSO2.